Menopause: insulin, cortisol, and oxytocin (an interview with Dr. Anna Cabeca)

March 13, 2017

What should a healthy menopause look like and what does an unhealthy hormonal imbalance leads? And what is the significance of insulin, cortisol, and oxytocin? Dr. Brian Mowll, host of the upcoming Diabetes Summit, interviews Dr. Anna Cabeca on the topic of menopause and metabolic health. Dr. Anna is a board certified gynecologist and obstetrician […]


Vulvodynia: oxalates, GABA, tryptophan and physical therapy

February 10, 2017

On a recent webinar with Julie Matthews, I shared how healthy foods that are high in oxalates caused me excruciating foot pain: Oxalates and leaky gut for Anxiety. We also mentioned how oxalates can be a factor in vulvodynia and someone asked this question on the blog: I just listened to the webinar talking about […]


Breast cancer: DCIS, thermography, estrogen, toxins, glutathione and anxiety

October 28, 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so I’ve gathered some wonderful information and resources for you about DCIS, thermography, prevention by addressing estrogen dominance, avoiding endocrine disruptors and environmental pollutants and finally how to boost glutathione for detoxification support.   Ductal carcinoma in situ/DCIS: many don’t even consider this cancer My good friend and fellow nutritionist […]


Tryptophan for PMS: premenstrual dysphoria, mood swings, tension, and irritability

July 1, 2016

In a study published in 1999, A placebo-controlled clinical trial of L-tryptophan in premenstrual dysphoria, tryptophan was found to reduce symptoms of PMS when used in the luteal phase or second half of the cycle (i.e. after ovulation): 37 patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder were treated with L-tryptophan 6 g per day, and 34 were […]


Low cholesterol, tryptophan & methylation on Hormones – A Women’s Wellness Summit

March 28, 2016

Just sending you a quick reminder about the upcoming summit. You’ll learn why you don’t have to accept anxiety, depression, mood swings, headaches, constant fatigue or dramatic periods, and how to find answers from some amazing women’s health experts! Join me and educate yourself online and no cost from April 11-18, 2016 on Hormones: A […]


12 Ways Coffee Impacts Your Hormones

May 17, 2015

  12 Ways Coffee Impacts Your Hormones Guest post by Magdalena Wszelaki, founder of Hormones Balance (with the 12th one on anxiety added by me!) Black magic. Black medicine. Morning elixir. If you had to give up either coffee or the internet for 2 weeks, which one would you choose? How about either coffee or […]


Menopause is a Trip: Travel First Class summit

March 2, 2015

Just a quick reminder – this online event starts TODAY – Menopause is a Trip: Travel First Class, hosted by my colleague, Holistic Health Coach Katherine Miller. I am happy to invite you to this online event that will bring together 16 experts in women’s health and balancing hormones that will help you find relief […]


Breast Cancer Awareness: don’t be driven by fear

October 13, 2014

October is Breast Cancer awareness month so here are 7 resources to keep you informed, hopeful and inspired to take charge of your overall health and breast health – for prevention and healing – and no more fear! #1 Reduce stress in your life. Here is a blog post I wrote in 2010 with information […]