Lithium, bipolar and heavy metal detox on the Mental Wellness Summit

August 9, 2015

Ross McKenzie, Co-founder of Mental Wellness Summit, Filmmaker of Bipolarized : Journey Beyond Meds, is interviewed by Dr. John Dempster on The Mental Wellness Summit. Here are a few snippets from the compelling interview “Journey Beyond Meds”: I was playing soccer. Our soccer team in college, we were number one in the country. And then […]


MTHFR and methylation: mood, anxiety, depression, and resources

March 6, 2015

Methylation polymorphisms (also called defects or mutations or SNPs) can impact mood. I’d like to share a few studies on some of the mood issues, other health conditions where we may see impacts and some resources for you to learn more. If you have one of the MTHFR polymorphisms, the BH4 cycle may be affected […]


Bipolar, disruptive mood or gluten and junk food?

May 29, 2012

A national study published in 2007 showed a surge in use of the bipolar diagnosis in children: the frequency of visits to doctors’ offices by youths 19 and younger for treatment of the condition increased from 25 per 100,000 visits in 1994-95 to 1,003 per 100,000 visits in 2002-03. I wonder what the numbers are […]