Pyroluria Questionnaire from The Antianxiety Food Solution

October 13, 2011

Stress and Pyroluria Questionnaire from The Antianxiety Food Solution
This questionnaire will help you identify whether you might have pyroluria. The physical and emotional symptoms below are caused by deficiencies of vitamin B6 and zinc. When you experience high levels of stress, vitamin B6 and zinc will be further depleted, so you may notice worsening symptoms and more anxiety.

Based on my review of questionnaires and results of pyroluria tests for hundreds of clients, I’ve grouped the most common or classic signs and symptoms first. I’ve also labeled the symptoms that could be directly related to low levels of vitamin B6 or zinc so you can individualize your supplements and dosages. Symptoms without these designations are due to a deficiency of both vitamin B6 and zinc. Check off any of the following signs or symptoms that apply to you:

Most Common Signs and Symptoms

1. Being anxious, shy, or fearful or experiencing inner tension since childhood, but hiding these feelings from others
2. Having bouts of depression or nervous exhaustion
3. Poor dream recall, stressful or bizarre dreams, or nightmares (low vitamin B6)
4. Excessive reactions to tranquilizers, barbiturates, alcohol, or other drugs, in which a little produces a powerful response (low vitamin B6)
5. Preferring not to eat breakfast, experiencing light nausea in the morning, or being prone to motion sickness (low vitamin B6)
6. White spots or flecks on the fingernails or opaquely white or paper-thin nails (low zinc)
7. Liquid zinc sulfate having a mild taste or tasting like water (low zinc)
8. Poor appetite or having a poor sense of smell or taste (low zinc)
9. Joints popping, cracking, or aching; pain or discomfort between the shoulder blades; or cartilage problems (low zinc)
10. Pale or fair skin or being the palest in the family, or sunburning easily, now or when younger
11. Disliking protein or having ever been a vegetarian or vegan
12. Being sensitive to bright sunlight or noise
13. Upper abdominal pain on your left side under the ribs or, as a child, having a stitch in your side as you ran
14. Frequent fatigue
15. Being prone to iron anemia or low ferritin levels
16. Tending to have cold hands or feet
17. Having frequent colds or infections, or unexplained chills or fever
18. Reaching puberty later than normal or having irregular menstruation or PMS
19. Having allergies, adrenal issues, or problems with sugar metabolism
20. Having gluten sensitivity
21. Neurotransmitter imbalances, especially low serotonin
22. For women, belonging to an all-girl family or having look-alike sisters
23. For men, having a mother from an all-girl family or a mother with look-alike sisters, or all the females in the mother’s family bearing a strong resemblance to each other
24. Avoiding stress because it upsets your emotional balance
25. Tending to become dependent on one person whom you build your life around
26. Preferring the company of one or two close friends rather than a gathering of friends; becoming more of a loner as you age
27. Feeling uncomfortable with strangers
28. Being bothered by being seated in the middle of the room in a restaurant
29. Being easily upset by criticism

Less Common Signs and Symptoms

30. Stretch marks or poor wound healing (low zinc)
31. Crowded upper front teeth, many cavities, or inflamed gums or wearing braces (low zinc)
32. Bad breath and body odor (or a sweet, fruity odor), especially when ill or stressed (low zinc)
33. Being prone to acne, eczema, herpes, or psoriasis
34. Reduced amount of hair on your head, eyebrows, or eyelashes, or prematurely gray hair
35. Difficultly recalling past events and people in your life
36. Focusing internally, on yourself, rather than on the external world
37. Tending to have morning constipation
38. Tingling sensations or muscle spasms in your legs or arms
39. Feeling stressed by changes in your routine, such as traveling or being in new situations
40. Your face looking swollen when you’re under a lot of stress
41. Cluster headaches or blinding headaches
42. One or more of the following: a psychiatric disorder, schizophrenia, high or low histamine, alcoholism, learning and behavioral disorders, autism, or Down syndrome

If you check off 15 or more items, especially the more common ones, it’s highly probable that you have pyroluria and will benefit from taking zinc and vitamin B6 supplements. I encourage you to be tested, but if this isn’t possible, or even if you don’t have pyroluria, supplementing with zinc and vitamin B6 may be worthwhile if you have a large number of these symptoms.

This questionnaire is based on my experience working with many clients with pyroluria, along with information from Depression-Free Naturally (2001), by Joan Mathews-Larson, Nutrition and Mental Illness (1987), by Carl Pfeiffer, and Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and Other Common Mental Disorders (2001), by Eva Edelman.

This questionnaire is taken from chapter 7 of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings, now available in major books stores, at Amazon and via

11/5/2013 update – since doing this post, I’ve done a number of other posts related to zinc, vitamin B6, pyroluria and even introversion  and I am including links to some of them here: 

Zinc deficiency is common: using liquid zinc status test as an assessment tool

The comments on the posts about anxious introverts and the possible connection to pyroluria and/or low zinc and low vitamin B6 have been enlightening to say the least! Additional comments and feedback is always appreciated:


Trudy Scott (CN), Certified Nutritionist is the founder of, a thriving nutrition practice with a focus on food, mood and women’s health. Trudy educates women about the amazing healing powers of food and nutrients and helps them find natural solutions for anxiety and other mood problems. Trudy’s goal for all her clients (and all women): “You can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on-top-of-the-world emotionally!”

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  1. Wow, Trudy. That’s a lot of info to digest. I think I’ll just start taking my vitamins. :)

    Write on!~


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    It’s quite amazing how zinc and B6 can make such a difference!

  2. Trudy,
    You really know your stuff! After I have this baby I’m going to have to come see you. I don’t have any of these symptoms except for disliking being seated in a middle of a restaurant!
    Kiyla Fenell

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks Kiyla! and congrats on the baby!

  3. Truly impressive information Trudy. Great how you made it easy for someone to identify if they suffer from pyroluria. Thanks Trudy!
    Dr. Robert Fenell

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks Dr Robert, so many people find this questionnaire so helpful

  4. Wow! This is quite a comprehensive list. Thanks for publicizing a condition that makes people miserable and they don’t even realize what’s going on. Off to take my vitamins!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks Sue – around 40% of the general population have pyroluria so it’s useful to know if you’re one of them!

  5. Yow! I must have attracted reading this post today because I can check off most of those symptoms. I, like Lisa, am on my way to the vitamin store! Thanks, Trudy! XO, Katherine

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    It does resonate with a lot of entrepreneurs who are big achievers and manage to push through their feelings of inner tension. And its amazing what a few nutrients can do to help in such a big way! Just make sure your zinc supplement doesn’t contain copper.

  6. Wow – Sue Painter put this link in her Tuesday Tips newsletter. Not only do I have symptoms, but my sister has even more! I forwarded the link to her. Thanks for sharing this!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Yes, Sue saw this and felt it was worth sharing with folks on her list. So glad you found it useful and were able to share it with your sister. If you score high, it’s always a good idea to have your sister/s and mom and daughter/s also do the questionnaire. And getting on zinc and vitamin B6 will make a world of difference.

  7. Trudy,
    Wow! This is a lot to digest. ( oops, sorry about that! )
    Usually I just clear up my maladies with my good friend Jack. This is quite a list to review, I will pass it on as there are a few people I know who might be helped by reading it.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks for sharing Mitch – glad you have a good doctor to work with….

  8. I checked off 15 for sure! I never knew of pyroluria. I guess this is something that one-a-day vitamins won’t take care of alone, that you need a higher dosage?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    That’s correct one-a-day vitamins are maintenance doses at best and if you do have pyroluria (or many of the symptoms, as you have indicated), you will need individual vitamin B6 and zinc supplements

  9. Whoa! What a list. I had never heard of this condition before and appreciate you sharing your expertise. Fascinating! I’ve been taking vitamins for a while now (pre- and post-natal) and now I truly realize the importance of continuing! Thanks. You are so knowledgeable!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    You are very welcome Jenny!

  10. I agree with the others — great symptom list.

    However, it should be pointed out that several other nutrients are often critically essential when it comes to treating pyroluria — including manganese, niacinamide, magnesium, and sometimes evening primrose oil.

    Zinc can deplete manganese, b6 can deplete magnesium, etc…..

    More info available w/ a google search. :)

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks for this and yes, you are absolutely correct. I find zinc, vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil to be key, with a good multi-vitamin (with manganese) and a multi-mineral and sometimes additional magnesium. Niacinamide is really good when low histamine is the issue – often seen with pyroluria. Also each person is unique so this needs to be considered too. And more info is also available in my book The Antianxiety Food Solution :) and future blog posts. I’m really only just getting started and can’t cover it all in one post, but appreciate you clarifying this.

  11. Trudy – very interested in your questionnaire. I am being tested next week for pyroluria as my holistic doctor says I have many symptoms of this – leaky gut, low zinc levels, anemic, damaged kidneys from Ig A proteins attacking them (gluten free to handle this) thyroid problems etc. Plus getting upset and angry without real reason. All good and makes a lot of sense this could be it. I have been gluten free for over a year which has made a huge difference but not resolved gut issues and sleep issues etc. Have been working for over 30 years as a fulltime exec and its taken its toll. I am 49yo.
    My question is about my 26yo daughter – she is very pale, gets gut issues as well as sinusitis, and has incidents of very painful ovarian cysts to the point of doubling over and almost passing out, no appetite and chills/fevers. I see some of these symptoms on your checklist but not all. I want to get her tested too as it is genetic – have you found these other symptoms I mentioned are consistent with this same thing or should we be looking further. She is not gluten free but I am working on it, she is a high level exec working long hours but eats well and does some exercise. She is alcohol and drug free.
    The really interesting thing on your questionnaire is about female likeness in families – the first reaction to people seeing us together is how alike we are – they always say this almost in surprise at the likeness!
    Thanks – Sue

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    I’m really pleased the pyroluria questionnaire is helpful for you and I’m pleased your holistic doctor is testing you. You don’t mention anxiety for either of you – inner tension and anxiety is always seen with pyroluria. And yes, the female likeness in families in families is a very common finding.
    If you do have pyroluria, please keep in mind that it is very likely just a part of the picture for you and your daughter – and yes, I suggest looking further. I’d consider an adrenal assessment and food intolerance testing for both of you – and possibly stool testing too. For you, anger and sleep issues could be related to low serotonin. For your daughter, when I hear ovarian cysts, I think PCOS, insulin resistance and sex hormone imbalances.
    It’s great you are gluten-free and helping your daughter figure out if gluten is an issue for her too. All the best to both of you and try and work less hours if you can!

  12. Thanks Trudy and we went to see our holistic GP and told her our concerns for my daughter and she agreed with your comments above on tests needed so we are now organizing them to be done over the next 1-2 weeks. She is also having an IV Vitamin C, Vitamin B right now so that will also get her doing better while we sort the real cause of the problem. She is getting the pyroluria test as well.
    Thanks again.

  13. Thanks for this great info. I live in a rural area, and I’m having the worst time finding a practitioner near me, along the lines of what you do. I’ve searched holistic directors, etc. I’m willing to work with someone long-distance (online) if need be. I love your book, but I find that I really want and need someone to help walk me through it. When you’re dealing with possible pyroluria, all the attendant symptoms and issues, self-treatment is a major hurdle. Any advice? Thank you, thank you!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kay
    You’re welcome! So pleased to hear that you love my book – thank you! I do work with folks over the phone and would be happy to talk to you about my programs. You can find out more here The first step is the initial 15 minute complimentary phone consult. I’ll send you an email too…

  14. Hi, both my son and I have been diagnosed with Pyroluria .
    I have read that primrose oil (omega 6) should be taken instead
    of fish oils (omega 3). Can you tell me the benefits primrose oil
    will give us.
    Cheers Anna

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Anna
    The majority of pyrolurics tend not to need omega-3 supplements as they can absorb omega-3s from the foods they eat (grass-fed red meat, fish, leafy greens, walnuts etc). A few may need omega-3s and I suggest doing a fatty acid test if you can – then you’ll know for sure. Every pyroluric I have ever tested has always shown a need for gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and the best thing for this is evening primrose oil. EPO helps with skin conditions like eczema, PMS, inflammation and actually improves the absorption of the zinc that is so important for pyroluria.
    Hope this helps

  15. natural things like wheatgrass retention enemas at night for magnesium deficiency and pumpkin juice or checkens feet meat for zinc deficiency and potatoes for vitamin b6 issues and primrose oil remains unchanged ricebran oil and brazil nuts for vitamin e and selenium deficiency hope these help can take more of them if u prefer

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks Amar – eating real food is great but pyrolurics do need to supplement as well

  16. Trudy,

    Thank you for publishing this questionnaire, I haven’t read your book but I do intend to. I’ve been diagnosed with pyroluria and I’m taking Super Nu-Thera which contains P5P. I also need to take extra zinc. Do you recommend a particular type? Like piccolinate or chelate? Also some experts say dont ever take zinc without copper as it causes an imbalance which can be dangerous to the body, but you say to make sure the zinc supplement doesnt contain copper. I am glad i read this as I was about to purchase Now Foods L-Optizinc which has copper in it!
    Finally, what do you think of a supplement from biopure called The Core Mineral which is for people with pyroluria along with other conditions? I have been taking supplements for 6 weeks now but I dont feel any improvement and am still succumbing to constant infections, which I think is low zinc. I will consider a personal phone consult with you since I am not improving so far.’ Thank you

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Val
    Super-Nu-Thera looks good since it has 250mg vitamin B6 (and not P5P as you state). However 250mg may not be enough for you or you may need the P5P form or even a combination of B6 and P5P. The big question is this – are you remembering your dreams and are they pleasant? If yes, then you are getting enough vitamin B6/P5P (and the correct form).

    I am not familiar with The Core Mineral but it looks excellent. It has a nice starting level of zinc (30mg is a good level to start at) but you may need more and taking a zinc-only supplement like Solaray Opti-zinc 30mg may be what you need. I have found Opti-zinc to be very well absorbed by most of my clients. Using liquid zinc sulfate is a useful way to assess your zinc levels. For someone with pyroluria I prefer a zinc supplement without copper.
    With the correct combination you should start to see reduction of your symptoms within a week and resolution within a month or less.

    I’d be happy to work with you via phone consultations to get you feeling great!


  17. Hi Trudy,

    Thanks for your answer, the Super Nu Thera tub that I have here has only 25 mg B6 (Pyrodoxine HCL) (1250% Daily value), but I take 4 a day. Also it states at end that it contains P5P 25 mg. Anyway, I do need to return to my practitioner to tell her that it doesnt seem to be helping as yet. Maybe i need more time. She also prescribed Nature’s Plus Candida Forte, which has 50 mg B6 in it, and 50mg of Zinc (Ascorbate) per 2 capsules. I think the doses are high enough, but it could be that I’m not absorbing these as I should be. I am now on a gluten free diet and taking enzymes. I dont really remember my dreams very well, except just after I wake I can recollect some, most are not pleasant! Its usually anxiety moments of some sort, even though I am not terribly anxious. Thanks for the tip on the Zinc Sulfate I will try that as a guide. And maybe look into trying the Solaray. I am just going to download the Kindle version of your book and I’m excited to start reading it, thanks again for your help. I wil give this regime a bit more time before I abandon the practitioner & do a consult. Val

  18. Hi Trudy,
    Thanks for all the great info. My dad and I were both just diagnosed with Pyrolurria.
    I am wondering how much evening primrose, zinc and P5P I should take a day?
    I live in rural Mexico so its not very easy to get medical testing done.
    Could you recomend a daily dosis to start with??
    Thank you, Kelly

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kelly
    I suggest working with the health practitioner who diagnosed you with pyroluria. I start with zinc (30 mg), vitamin B6 (100mg) or P5P (25mg) and evening primrose oil (1300mg) with my clients, plus a good multi-vitamin (with manganese) and a multi-mineral and sometimes additional magnesium.

  19. Hi Trudy
    My name is Kuba.I am from Poland.I recently tested positive for pyroluria in KEAC lab in Netherlands.They send me results and suggested to buy Depyrrol basic.Here,s information:
    Depyrrol basic
    One jar contains 60 vegicapsules. Two capsules provide: Pyridoxal-5′-Phosphate (P5P) 50 mg (elemental 33,5 mg Vit. B6) 1.675% RDA; Pyridoxine-HCL 10 mg (elemental 8.2 mg Vit. B6) 410 % RDA; Zinc Gluconate 210,5 mg (elemental 28,5 mg Zinc) 190 % RDA; Manganese Gluconate 41.7 mg (elemental 4.8 mg Manganese) 96 % RDA.

    What do you think about this product?Do you think it would be better to take each supplement separately?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kuba
    I am not familiar with this product but the combination of nutrients looks good. I looked online and found Depyrrol Basis and I’m sure you mean this one. I do think it would be a good place to start. You may find it works well for you or you may find you need to take each nutrient individually so you can control the amounts.

    I’d love to hear back from you as to how it goes and if this did work for you. If you have the correct combinations you should start to see improvements within a week or two.


  20. Dear Trudy,

    I just picked up your book (The Anti-anxiety Food Solution) a couple of days ago and can’t put it down! I feel as though you were speaking to me re: Pyroluria! I’ve been going crazy the past 3 years trying to find answers for my daughter. She is now 11, but has struggled with anxiety, depression, obesity, etc etc etc since she was 8. I am from a family of 3 girls, a Mom & Dad. My Mom, adult sisters, Aunt, female adult cousins, and myself (I am 41), are ALL on anti-depressants. (My Mom also has Celiac’s disease, which was discovered this past year). Because of this poor Mental Health history in my family, I assumed my daughter had what I have. She has been on 5 different antidepressants (is currently on Cymbalta), and we’ve seen quite a few therapists, but NOTHING is working for her. (I have been on Zoloft for 13 years, and have been great, but definitely had the same mental issues back when I was in my late teens… I just never told anyone). It is very sad, and I’m determined to find an answer for my girl. After checking off LOTS of symptoms on your checklist, I will look into testing her for Pyroluria (and then for me and all of my female relatives). We are scheduled to see a local Endocrinologist at the end of this month, and I’m very anxious to see what his thoughts are on this. (I would LOVE to visit with you, if you were closer to Maine). I am desperate for a solution. I want my happy little girl back, and am hoping that with your book’s information, I can figure things out! If nothing else, we are trying to eat better.
    Many thanks!!!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Amy
    Thanks so much for the feedback on my book and the pyroluria section – I’m so thrilled it looks like it’s giving you answers (and hope) for your daughter and other family members! There is no pyroluria testing that I find reliable at the moment and I just have my clients use the questionnaire and then supplement, observing resolution of symptoms. It’s very likely that your endocrinologist will not be familiar with pyroluria – in which case, do share the chapter with him :)

    I will actually be speaking in Portland, Maine on 5 December – all day event for health practitioners and open to the public. If you can’t make this, a previous talk I did was recorded and can be purchased in my online store.

    I do also work with people via the phone if you do need one-on-one support. The process starts with a 15 minute complimentary phone consult

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment on my blog! Getting feedback like this is my big WHY! (why I do what I do and why I love it so much)

  21. Thanks, Trudy for getting back to me! If there isn’t an actual “test” for Pyroluria, can we at least be tested for possible low B6 and low zinc, as a guidance for what our blood may be lacking?? Maybe check for possible low iron as well? I will definitely bring your book with me to our appointment, but I want to make sure I insist on the certain blood work that I should have tested on my daughter. I don’t want ANYTHING to be overlooked!! Oh, and I’d LOVE to hear you speak! I’ll have to mark my calendar and bring my friends who have many similar issues and questions that I have. Can’t wait!!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Amy
    Zinc and B6 are difficult to test in the blood. I do suggest testing both iron and ferritin (storage form of iron). I’d also ask for a thyroid panel including the 2 thyroid antibodies (antithyroglobulin and antithyroperoxidase). I will send you the list of tests I have my clients do (and then create a blog post with this information)

    Look forward to meeting you in Portland – please do come and introduce yourself

  22. Hi Trudy,

    I just recently stumbled across pyroluria as a possible diagnosis for my symptoms. I do have many of the symptoms listed. In my expierence, antidepressants only make my symptoms worse, and antipsychotics provide little to no relief. I do have a history of mental health issues in my family. Also, I have been tested for everything including thyroid, adrenals, b-vitamins, and everything checks back normal. Ive also tried every supplement except b6 and zinc with no success. Is psychosis part of pyroluria? Any suggestings if I should start taking zinc and b-6? Thanks in advance! Rob

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Rob
    I’d suggest working with a nutritionist or holistic health practitioner who can help guide you (let me know if I can help you find someone). For someone with many of the pyroluria symptoms, vitamin B6, zinc, evening primrose oil and a good multi are definately worth trying. Pyrolurics often have food intolerances, so gluten may be a factor too, especially since you mention psychosis (2012 paper: Maternal antibodies to dietary antigens and risk for nonaffective psychosis in offspring Also low histamine or high histamine may be part of the picture too.

  23. Thanks Trudy! Any suggestions on how much to start with? Im getting bloodwork done tomorrow to test zinc and copper levels, so hopefully I have something gauge with.

  24. Rob
    I start with zinc (30 mg), vitamin B6 (100mg) or P5P (25mg) and evening primrose oil (1300mg) with my clients, plus a good multi-vitamin (with manganese) and a multi-mineral and sometimes additional magnesium.

  25. Hi Trudy!
    I started taking pyroluria supplements two days ago.I take:
    Zinc picolinate 50mg
    p5p 50mg
    b6 100mg
    manganese 5mg
    EPO 1000mg
    Vit.C 2000mg
    B5 1000mg
    I know i started with higher doses than you recommend but on the other hand in Depression Free Naturally i found formula with even higher doses.I’m gonna try my regimen for about two weeks and see if i improve.Do You have any suggestions about this?
    I also have several other issues like type III allergies(gluten,eggs,diary and several others),sugar imbalances,lots of nutrient deficiencies(i’ve done hair mineral analysis).I didn’t test my histamine level but i’m 95% sure that i have high tissue copper level(pyrroluria,type A blood) and low histamine level.
    After five years of problems(i got ill when i was 17 when i went to secondary school(boarding school)) i finally have lots of answers.But it was not easy to find them.In Poland(40 million people) no one heard about things like Orthomolecular Psychiatry or Functional Medicine.But of course there’s thousands of psychiatrists prescribing drugs.

    Two weeks ago i started my new diet and i take my supplements and i’m waiting for results.I know things like copper detoxification may take a few months but i am sure that from now on things will only get better.

    Thanks Trudy!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kuba
    I hope this is helping…please keep me posted

  26. I’ve had some suspicions about my family and pyroluria. I have three siblings, two of which are girls (three girls, one boy). We have a resemblence, but do not look remarkably alike. My mother (who probably meets most, if not all, of the criteria for pyroluria) comes from a family of five siblings (four girls, one boy) but the girls do not look alike – well, aside from the set of identical twins, that is. Interestingly, I have read (Carl Pfifer) that boys in pyroluric families tend to have deformity and both my maternal uncle and my brother have had issues with abnormal leg/hip growth. I have one sister who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia (sp?) and another who is so incapable of handling stress she feels that she cannot go through life without chemical/alcoholic intervention. I don’t seem to have psychiatric problems but do answer yes to many of the questions on the questionaire.

    Are look-alike sisters a defining factor in diagnosis? Are eye problems (lazy eye, double vision, irlen’s syndrome) a factor in pyroluric patients?

    I can’t afford to have myself and my kids tested (three girls and one boy) and I do have them on one tab of P-5-P per day, a multi, a general b vitamin (food-sourced) and one tab of food-sourced zinc. I give them the bs in the morning and zinc before bed. I’m guessing it’s not enough to make much of a difference, but I’m worried about giving them too much zinc. We’ve done the zinc test and the one who tastes something weird (indicating she has enough zinc) actually has more of the physical symptoms than the rest (morton’s toe, poor dream recall, stitch in side, dyxlexia, etc.).

    Thanks for reading. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi HipGrrrrl
    Look-alike sisters are more common but even families with more girls than boys would fit if other symptoms are present. I have not seen eye problems or deformities with my clients who have pyroluria.

    I don’t do testing anymore. I just rely on the questionnaire and a few other things (like the zinc tally/status and low alkaline phosphatase). I also rely on the response to the nutrients and if the anxiety, inner tension and social anxiety go away, plus improved dreams, better breakfast appetite etc etc, we know we are on the right track.

    Base your supps on symptoms – some of your children may need the B6 (eg poor dream recall) and some may need zinc and some may need both. There is no one size fits all.


  27. HI Trudy,

    I just came accross this site by accident and i am so happy i did! I just checked 19 of these symptoms! OMG…I never knew there was a name for what i anxious, hating to be center of anything, panic attacks, constipation, dislike of criticisms…poor self image, insecurity (thats not on the list i know) and so on…i also have the strech marks and the white marks on nails and creaking joints etc…
    anyway i recently purchased zinc (gluconate) 50mg (becasue someone told me it may help with strechmarks which ive been trying to get rid of along with my colds and infection) and a super B complex (becasue i have a dark patch on the side of my lips and a doc told me to increase vit B) so supringly these are the supplements listed to treat pyroluria!
    My question is will the brand and i purchased help with the symptoms of pyroluria? The zinc i have is zinc gluconate (50 mg) and it does list magnesium stearate in its ingrediants, and super B complex which contiants multiple vitamin B along with vitamin B6 which is 5 mg.

    Would this work to get rid of my symptoms? or do you reccommend otherwise? please let me know and thanx so much for your help and advice!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Ruby
    I start my clients with Solaray Opti-zinc (30 mg), vitamin B6 (100mg) or P5P (25mg) and evening primrose oil (1300mg), plus a good multi-vitamin (with manganese) and a multi-mineral and sometimes additional magnesium. We increase zinc based on the zinc tally and B6 based on dream recall. And obviously anxiety symptoms too

  28. Do you do zinc hair test or know who does. how much cost or take medicare I am in dexter ME

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Linda
    Yes I do offer the hair test and it costs $60 -$80 (there are some different options). The kit can easily be shipped to you, you collect hair (they have great instructions), you send it back to the lab and they send me the results. Then we’d need to set up an appointments for me to review the results with you – there would be an additional cost for this of course.

    Hair analysis is very useful for measuring minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium etc, and for showing heavy metals like mercury, lead etc. It is even useful as a high level indicator of stress/adrenal function, blood sugar handling, sex hormone and thyroid function (there are ratios that are looked at)

  29. I have read alot of your site about pyroluria and am going to the store now to buy the supplements. I am having trouble finding the liquid zinc sulfate at the health food stores and at the ND dr. office. One store has a lizuid zinc by Trace Minterals that also has magnesim, copper, chloride, suilfate and a little boron. Can we use this one to do the zinc tast test? Also they have a bazillion brands for the evening primrose oil. Do you recommend any over another? They told me the Now brand was a good value. Thank you for sharing so much of this helpful information. Blessings, Nancy

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Nancy
    You do need the liquid zinc sulfate for doing the zinc status test ( I do like the NOW brand for the evening primrose oil.
    Thanks for commenting and you’re very welcome

  30. Just got the B6, Opti zinc and evening primrose…scored 21 on the pyroluria questionnaire. Thank you for providing a starting dose. Feel sure this is my problem and hope I can get off my anti depressant. Went to my psych the other day told him all was fine, since I lost my job MUCH less stress and anxiety. His reply was that he thought I should up my dose of my anti depressant! It was if he wasn’t even listening to me!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Glad to hear you have the supplements and you are so very welcome! Please keep me posted

  31. I was wondering if you could explain why a zinc supplement without copper is recommended. I thought they had to go together.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Melissa
    It’s likely that when you have very low zinc, you’ll also have higher copper and hence don’t need additional copper in a supplement and certainly not in your zinc supplement. You also get copper from many sources in your diet – nuts, avocado, grains etc And most likely in your multi-vitamin too. For some people, even the additional copper in the multi is too much for them and in this case a copper-free multi is suggested.
    Hope this helps!

  32. Hello,

    I”ve been considering getting tested for pyroluria for years now, but being on medicaid, and being sick (w/CFS), has prevented me financially, but also brain-fog-wise, from getting the test done so far. But after reading about this (once again), I’m going to try to find an inexpensive test that hopefully can be done without a doctor’s visit.

    I did have a Spectracell nutrient profile done about 9 months ago, and that showed all my “B’s” were borderline (except for b12) and my zinc and vitamin D were considered “deficient”.

    But here’s my question: I seem to be intolerant to b6 — in any form or dose.

    I was able to take small amounts of it for a 3-4 month period, about a year ago, as long as I took b2 with it — but since then, when I take b2, it seems to make my sensitivity to light much, much worse. It’s noticeable within a few hours, and lasts for about a day. Weird question, but could this be perhaps because I’ve been low in zinc for a long time and/or I have pyroluria and need to increase my zinc first…then add the b6?

    Have you had any other patients/clients with b6 issues?

    Thanks in advance,


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Dan
    I have not had any clients with B6 issues but have many clients who are sensitive to number of supplements and foods. This is common when low histamine is also a factor (commonly seen with pyroluria). It may also be fillers etc in the B6 supplements you have tried.

    I suggest saving your money on the pyroluria testing, especially if you score high on the questionnaire and have had the Spectracell test done. I think doing the histamine test (whole blood) would be more valuable.

    Since this is a complex issue you’re dealing with, working one-on-one with a nutritionist or other holistic health professional would be my recommendation. I’d be happy to try and help – we’d start with a 15 min complimentary phone call and decide next steps If I don’t feel I can offer nutritional help, I’d be happy to try and find someone to refer you to.


  33. Hi Trudy!
    I’ve got a question about Nutritional Balancing Program.What do You think about it?Would You recomend it for a copper toxic person?I’ve also got a Calcium Shell patern on my HMA.Would you recomend NB for me?

    Thank You

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kuba
    I am not familiar with Nutritional Balancing Program so unfortunately I can’t comment on this. I also can’t give you specific nutritional recommendations until you are a client. You can read about my programs here and set up the initial complimentary consult here I’d love to help if I can.

  34. Thanks for your reply Trudy — and so sorry for my late reply. It has been awhile since I tried b6 or p5p, so I guess I could try it again in tiny doses. I did use reputable brands last time — probably Thorne, but maybe didn’t have enough of other co-factors at the time.

    I read on another forum where quite a few people could not tolerate any b6, and on another forum where a woman had high serum b6 and found that by increasing her b12 considerably, she was finally able to lower the b6 and then later tolerate it just fine.

    Thanks too for the offer of help and/or at least an initial consult — I appreciate that very much, esp being on SSI. I’m not sure what your schedule is like, but I’ll click the link, and go from there. :)

  35. Hi Trudy,
    Thanks for your webpage!
    Five months ago I found out I am c677t hetero, I have been taking a heap of suppliments for it (L5 Metafolin, B12, fish oil, Thorne prenatal, CoQH, vitD)- I have just been diagnosed with Pyroluria (due to more tests after another miscarriage). Can Pyroluria contribute to miscarriage? Is there a safe amount of zinc and b6 during pregnancy if one has Pyroluria?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Tanya
    I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Pyroluria is seen more frequently in all-girl families and you may see a history of miscarried boys. There is no research on a safe amount of zinc and vitamin B6 for pyroluria, during pregnancy so I would suggest working with a practitioner familiar with this condition and base the supplement doses on your symptoms and a retest of the pyroluria test (if you have access to testing).

    That being said, there is research on low B6 and conception: “Poor vitamin B6 status appears to decrease the probability of conception and to contribute to the risk of early pregnancy loss” Vitamin B6 also increases progesterone which is needed for a healthy pregnancy. Animal studies show that zinc is also important for preventing miscarriage. Zinc is also important for healthy progesterone levels.

  36. Hi Trudy

    I am in Australia and have scored quite high on your questionnaire.
    I will begin on the doses of B6, zinc and EVO that you recommended to start on but am wondering how to proceed.

    You don’t suggest taking the pyroluria test but I wonder if there are tests I should take to determine my deficiencies etc.

    I have been trying to correct hypochloridia, hair loss and adrenal fatigue for quite some time and suspect my lack of progress is due to pyroluria.

    Any info you can offer would be appreciated.

    Tracey – Oz

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Tracey
    You’re doing the right thing and hopefully you are starting to see an improvement in your symptoms…monitor B6 with dream recall and zinc with the zinc tally and possibly consider doing a fatty acid test.
    Hair loss would be related to thyroid function so I’d look into that too. And obviously support the adrenals and take HCl, apple cider vinegar and sea salt to correct low HCl.

  37. Hi Trudy – thanks for this webpage and info – fascinating. Ive been strggling with health issues (22 of the most common pyroluria symptoms listed) for over 18 years.(im 46) Anxiety being the biggest battle. I have always felt there has been a ‘biological’ cause. Ive been researching more of late as I am seeing similar problems in family children (mine and nieces and nephews)and dont want them to experience what Ive been through. Ive noticed in previous posts that you suggest not doing the pyroluria test. Why is this? is it not a reliable test? What if test comes back negative yet the symptoms indicate otherwise? Are there other problems that have similar symptoms? I do know I have high histamine levels. Any thoughts? Do you know of any practitioners/docs in Australia? Thank and regards

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    You’re welcome! I just feel the questionnaire and your response to the supplements is enough. I do like testing in general – that way you know for sure – but I see a number of people getting negative results when they clearly would benefit from a pyroluria protocol.
    I use other factors too – like pleasant dreams/good dream recall to indicate enough B6, the zinc tally and alk phos to indicate sufficient zinc and sometimes fatty acid testing.
    Histamine imbalances are often seen together with pyroluria.

  38. Thanks Trudy! Appreciate your time and response. :) Jenny

  39. Hi Trudy,
    Two weeks ago, my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with pyroluria (through urine testing). She has been suffering for about a year with acute anxiety attacks that came out of no where and always after an illness. We sought out therapy and were prescribed anti anxiety medicines. My daughter would be great for about 2 to 3 months and then the anxiety would strike again with a vengence and always after an illness. My daughter has many of the symptons on the list. The lack of morning appetite, extremely pale, etc. I have also seen documented that tiny bumps on the back of the arms are a symptom. Also, I have seen that “Morton toe” (where the second toe is larger than the big toe) is also a factor. As my daughter has both of these, have you ever seen this? My real question is where do we go from here? I have consulted our pediatrician with help in finding a nutritionist, and I also want him on board for future reference. We live in Upstate New York, and the medical field has NEVER heard of pyroluria. I am educating the doctors, as I want my daughter to be healthy and happy. Whatever she has, it takes a huge toll on her physically and it is diminishing her self confidence rapidly. Have you heard of pyroluria waxing and waning? I am also going to insist on a stool sample for my daughter as I am researching that many feel pyroluria can be caused by a parasite. Also, since blood work rarely shows any deficiencies in a pyroluric, are there more specific tests that I should request, as I believe that pyroluria is a piece of my daughters “health puzzle”? Any information from you would be so appreciated! Thank you so much for your insight!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Lisa
    I’m sorry to hear about your daughter and the acute anxiety. Knowing that pyroluria is a factor (there could be other factors too) will help a great deal! Pyroluria symptoms are made worse under stress so this may explain why her symptoms are worse after an illness. She may also be more zinc-depleted after being sick. Bumps on the back of the arm may be due to a fatty acid imbalance – also common with pyroluria. I suggest fatty acid testing and/or assessing the need for GLA (at a minimum). Second toe larger than the big toe may be high histamine (histamine imbalances often occur with pyroluria. A stool test may be helpful and blood work does show more than you realize when looked at from a functional approach.

    I’d be happy to help you find a local nutritionist or work with you long-distance. You can find out more here The first step is the initial 15 minute complimentary phone consult. I’ll send you an email too…

    Good for you for looking for answers so diligently and for educating the uninformed!

  40. Dear Trudy,
    I am a nutritionist with interest in the same area. I am happy that we have discovered this tremendous public health issue and an easy “cure” (affordable, etc.) and yet my mind wanders to underlying causes and the need to pay attention to these. Treating with vitamins is better than most chemical medicine “cures” that mask symptoms, but perhaps not digging deep enough. My guess is this is a relatively modern syndrome resulting from contaminants (pesticides and hard metals or inability for body and brain to detox) – hitting against an older set of antagonists, that our bodies used to be able to deal with and no longer can. The older set could be anything from genetic propensity, to parasites; especially for cat lover: toxoplasmosis. (which 20% of Americans have, reportedly). Thus, while we treat with vitamins, for true homeostasis to restore, we also have to pay attention to ridding the body of hard metals (cleansing therapies), and parasites (for example the combination of worm wood, cloves and walnut), and food intolerance (mostly gluten and dairy) in my mind. Love to hear your ideas on this, and keep up the good work. Angela

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Angela

    It’s wonderful to hear from a nutritionist with an interest in this area! I totally agree with what you’re saying. We absolutely need to address toxins, parasites, food intolerances and anything else that is a contributing factor in terms of being a “stress” to the body. This includes a stressful lifestyle too, as any stress makes the symptoms worse. We may also need to improve digestion and detox capacity, provide adrenal support etc. Adding the nutrients to address the symptoms of pyroluria is just one part of it. And as you of course know, we are all biochemically unique so each person may need a slightly different approach.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m pleased you bring this up because it’s part of how I work with people and yet folks reading this post as it stands, together with all the comments, may not be aware of this.


  41. Hi Trudy, I have had bad inner tension most of my life but great dream recall. Does this mean that I am probably not pyroluric?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Melissa – it depends on how many other symptoms you have and what type of dreams you have – weird dreams or nightmares may also indicate a need for vitamin B6

  42. It would be easier to list the symptoms I don’t have! I am shocked. In the past, I’ve received weekly vitamin IVs but that doctor moved home which is about 5 hours from me. Zinc and B vitamins were among the contents of the IV. I need to do that again! Thank you for the info.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    You are most welcome Susan!

  43. Boy, this is a good place to go to for practical informtion! You are most kind. I don’t have pyro but am in charge of someone who might (boy). One question: Your recommended starting amounts of supplements – is this the total for the whole day, or the dosage to be taken 2 or 3 times per day? Also, I hope your advice isn’t only for females. Many, many thanks & blessings. – Samia. P.S. Is more (supplementation) better or could it have a negative effect?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Samia
    The starting amounts is for the whole day and more may not necessarily be better. It really depends on each person’s needs. Males can have pyroluria too

  44. What an informative blog Trudy – there seems to be an increasing number of people diagnosed with this condition but very little authority on the best approach.
    Having been diagnosed via a bloodtest with Pyroluria I went on high dosage supplements for 4 mths, after which I came off as they were really expensive plus my local GP felt the body corrects itself after 3mths. I have since had a blood test for zinc which was on the low side – naturopath said too low, GP said normal.
    So my question would be, should we remain on supplements indefinitely? I notice during times of high stress my symptoms are worse and vice versa – is it all just about lowering our stress levels?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kate
    Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I am not familiar with a blood test for pyroluria and am curious about this and who offers it?

    I can tell you this: if you do have pyroluria then yes, you do need to stay on the supplements indefinitely and even increase them during times of stress. The symptoms are typically worse under stress. And of course, your stress levels should be reduced anyway.

    Regarding the blood test for zinc – it’s not a good marker of your zinc status so I wouldn’t rely on this. I suggest you use the questionnaire and your symptoms to determine if you need to stay on the supplements. If you score high on the questionnaire and feel worse when you stop the supplements then go back on them.

    You don’t mention what supplements you were taking but I’m surprised to hear they were really expensive. A good multi, vitamin B6, zinc and Evening Primrose oil should not cost you much at all


  45. I had a blood test measuring levels of HPL in urine – done through an analytical lab here in Australia (through a biomedic). I was put on 250 Pyridoxine B6, 50 Pyridxal 5 Phosphate, 200 Vit E and 1000 Biotin for day time and 1000 Vit C, 70 Zinc, 200 Vit E and 1000 Biotin at night – all done through a compounding pharmacy (hence cost I guess!). Also take Evening Primrose Oil.

    I had a recent zinc blood test which although on paper is within range, I now take a zinc drink at night and it tastes like elderflower, so suspect that’s off!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kate
    I’d appreciate it if you would share a link to the analytical lab.
    And yes the fact that your nutrients were compounded very likely added to the cost. I like to use individual nutrients so each one can be increased or decreased if need be

  46. Here you go Trudy:

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kate
    I’m not quite sure why you said blood test – perhaps you had a blood test done at the same time? This appears to be a urine test and looks similar to the urine tests offered here in the USA. If you tested positive for pyroluria then you do need to stay on the supplements indefinitely and even increase them during times of stress.

  47. Hi Trudy,

    I’ve been researching pyroluria and most information on the internet, including blogs of several alternative doctors, warn not to self treat due to the side effects of high b6 (neuropathy) and zinc (possible copper detox symptoms and/or copper deficiency). I’m curious as to why so many practitioners guard against these side effects as my understanding is neuropathy is reversible and zinc toxicity/detox symptoms, shouldn’t occur if you go slowly.

    What would you consider a safe upper limit for b6 and zinc? I’ve read up to 2,000mg total b6/p5p (Depression Free Naturally) and 60mg of zinc would probably be a safe upper dose to try without supervision.

    I expect conventional medical doctors to give the warning against high dose vitamin supplementation but was a little surprised so many Naturopaths/alternative doctors do also, unless under a doctors care. I’ve not seen that with other high dose supplementation protocols, just with the pyroluria protocol.

    Interestingly, Joan Larson offers a self treatment protocol in her book Depression Free Naturally and nowhere does she recommend trying the protocol only under the supervision of a doctor, and I believe she is one of the original experts on this condition.

    I just wanted to check what upper levels you consider safe for self treatment. Thanks for any input.


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Paula
    There are valid concerns around taking too much zinc and vitamin B6. I start with zinc 30 mg and go up to 60mg. I start with vitamin B6 100mg (pyridoxine) and go up to 500mg. I often add in P5P 25mg and may go up to 75mg or 100mg and then reduce the B6 – some people seem to do well on a combo on B6 and P5P, some just need B6 and some just need P5P.

    And yes, Joan Mathews Larson is one of the original experts on this condition – she is amazing and her book is great! You mention “I’ve read up to 2,000mg total b6/p5p (Depression Free Naturally)” and I’d like to correct this. She recommends 500mg max a day of vitamin B6 and 100mg max a day of P5P.

    And you should be taking a multi so you are also getting manganese and magnesium.


  48. Hi Trudy,

    I think those are her starting doses. On page 154 of Depression Free Naturally (google books preview) there is a list of supplements for pyroluria. B6 has an asterisk next to it and if you go to the bottom of the page it says to “Adjust B6 until you can recall your last dream before waking. Do no exceed 2,000mg of B6/P5P combined.”

    This is where I’m a little confused, as I know those are considered very high doses of B6. I think I’ll play it safe and follow your recommendations for 500mg B6/100 mg P5P maximums.

    Thanks for all the great information you provide here.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    I just saw that now that you called it out but it seems odd to me because you can’t group B6 and P5P together.

    Also, I worked at Recovery Systems for 2 years – the clinic of Julia Ross, author of “The Mood Cure” – and we also followed used the maximums I mentioned.

    Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to comment!

  49. I have been suffering with a variety of symptoms for years. I came across your site and realised after checking the symptom list I could have pyroluria. I sent a urine test to bio lab and it has come back with elevated kryptopyrroles. However blood tests for zinc and b6 are said to be normal. My GP doesnt know what to do he is at a loss, the gastroenterologist is not interested I live in the UK. I would like to start supplements but am not sure what dosage, can you help. This has been going on now for 6 months Im fed up as no one is helping

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Alison
    I start my clients with zinc (30 mg), vitamin B6 (100mg) or P5P (25mg) and evening primrose oil (1300mg) with my clients, plus a good multi-vitamin (with manganese) and a multi-mineral and sometimes additional magnesium.

    Blood tests for zinc and vitamin B6 are not very accurate for assessing a deficiency. I suggest using your symptoms as a guide especially with the positive pyroluria result.

    I encourage you to learn more on the subject. I have a whole chapter on pyroluria in my book The Antianxiety Food Solution. Joan Mathews-Larson’s book Depression-Free Naturally is also a great resource. I also do individual consults if that interests you.

  50. Hi Trudy,

    I have been diagnosed with Low T ( testosterone, I’m borderline but its still considered to be low ). I also have a lot of the symptoms listed for pyroluria. I think i scored a 40 on your questionaire. My question is could pyroluria lead or be the cause of my low T? I’m just trying to make sure I’m treating the root cause and not band-aiding the symptoms. Thanks

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Brandon
    I have not seen a connection between low testosterone and pyroluria. However zinc is needed for testosterone production so addressing the low zinc would likely be beneficial.

  51. Hi, I also have tons of the pyroluria symptoms. Iv been searching for answers for at least 25 yrs. My symptoms increase with the slightest event of stress especially when I experience a traumatic event physically as well as emotionally. I never really sweat or burp any. My question is; is a loud odor of what I can only describe as a fecal/septic type odor coming off my skin and a sour smell from my scalp. I’m very clean and otherwise have no hygiene problems. I realize this happens when stress is elevated and has also gotten worse with age. Also the hair in the middle of my head is proportionally off, the front of my hair has always been twice as long as the back portion of my hair. (I’ve always had a patch of hair that was oddly shorter than the rest of my hair) I also have noticed the patch of hair on my right side has increasingly gotten thinner over time and seems to feel “steamy” to the touch?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Aria
    Low zinc can cause body odor and affect hair growth. I have not had anyone describe the type of odor and hair loss/growth you mention but I’d be interested to hear if you notice changes if you start to supplement with zinc.

  52. Hi again Trudy,
    the truth is I’m not sure if the smell is coming from my skin or my sinuses. I also tested pos for environmental allergies and food allergies recently. The tests indicate unusually high allergy responses. I scored numbers as high as 6 which the allergist said never happens. My vit D and Iron levels are extremely low. My mother comes from a virtual all girl family (8 girls 1 boy & somewhat look-a-likes) and they all suffer from depression and/or psychiatric disorders as well as thyroid problems. I have atleast 85% of the pyrolouria symptoms. Thank you in advance Trudy for your expertise

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Keep us posted on your success with the pyroluria protocol. You may also want to consider histamine imbalances. Joan Mathews-Larson has a great chapter on this in her book “Depression-Free Naturally”.

  53. Will do Thanks Trudy. Its been about 8 days since I started on the pyroluria protocol and I feel like there’s a crack of sunshine peeking through the darkness. I feel less Inflamed and swollen. Others have noticed it also. Fingers crossed :).
    Thx for this site it’s been such help.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    This is wonderful news Aria :) Regarding feeling less inflamed, there is recent research showing that B6 helps to reduce inflammation

  54. Hi Trudy
    I have just been diagnosed with pyroluria and been given a mix containing p5p and zinc picolinate. However I have heard that some doctors prescribe taking these two separately- usually b6 p5p in the morning and zinc at night. Something to do with them cancelling each other out.
    Have you heard of this and do you k ow why ?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Tim
    I have not heard of this or found this to be an issue. I do like to have my clients do the zinc and vitamin B6 separately for though and this is so we can increase or decrease them independently of each other, and switch to other forms if we’re not getting the expected results.

  55. Hi Trudy!
    I am a licensed counselor and specialize in PTSD. I always encourage my patients to add in calcium magnesium and B12. I also incorporate diet, exercise and several other factors. I deal heavily with the somatic aspects of their conditions. I have ordered your book and am hoping for additional techniques I can add to their care. Best of luck!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Sherie
    How wonderful that you incorporate these nutrients, diet and exercise for your patients with PTSD. Adrenal support is also key when it comes to PTSD. If you’re not already doing so, I’d suggest teaming up with someone who can order saliva adrenal testing for your patients.
    I’d love to hear back from you once you’ve read my book

  56. Hi Trudy, Just came across this page when researching pyroluria. I have many of these symptoms, however, no stretch marks or white flecks in the nails. Does this mean probably no pyroluria? (I am hesitant to try the protocol since I am already on a protocol of tons of things from my chiropractor.) I have low hair mineral analysis of manganese, lowish zinc, and lowish copper. Can this mean anything pertaining to pyroluria? Thanks for your expertise! :)

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Michele
    You don’t say how many symptoms and if you have the classic anxiety and inner tension that is so common with pyroluria, that may have started in childhood and that you cover up how you feel. If you have the anxiety/tension and over 15 other symptoms you may benefit from the protocol or you may just need vitamin B6 and EPO (since you say lowish zinc and copper – but I’d need to see the hair analysis to be sure). The great thing is that if it’s going to work you should notice an improvement in 1 to 2 weeks. I’d encourage you to talk to your chiroparctor and get him/her on board too.
    Please do keep me posted on what you do and what the outcome is…it helps others who read this blog – thanks

  57. Thanks Trudy! I have had depression since early teen years with what I percieve to be inner tension, and full blown anxiety the past 3 or so years, since after my second child was born. I take meds for depression/anxiety, but not a huge dose. They keep the panic attacks away and out of deep depression, but I still feel it to a lesser degree. The hair analysis showed manganese at .005 (ideal .025-.06). Zinc 13 (ideal about 15 – 27) and copper 1.3 (ideal 1.5 – 3.2). I definitely have adrenal fatigue, but am having trouble fixing that while raising 2 little boys. It’s impossible to avoid stress! :) I definitely have at least 20 symptoms from your list above.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi again Michele
    Everything points to the possibility of pyroluria except the hair analysis but I would still suggest trying the protocol (as there are a number of ways to assess for zinc deficiency). You may also want to look into brain chemical imbalances and address those with amino acids if necessary – here is the questionnaire I have great success with new moms and would be happy to help if you need guidance
    Also, with the right protocol you should be able to address adrenal fatigue within about 3 months so don’t give up on that.

  58. Hi Trudy – Six months ago I was diagnosed with very low zinc levels (2.4) by my GP after suffering lots of health problems. Research of low zinc lead me to Pyroluria and hence this page. Thank you for putting this page on the web. When my Dr. found low zinc six months ago she prescribed high dosage of zinc 100mg and B6 – with this I went into complete anxiety attacks – on returning to the Dr. she said she had seen this before and she had prob put me on too much zinc and slowed the dosage down. I have since found out(web search) that this was probably from the detoxing of Copper. I am slowly getting better but am not sure of what levels of zinc and B6 to take in the long term. Also the Dr. gave me Manganese free zinc supplement and I do not know why. I have not had the Kryptopyrol test as I had already started on the zinc and B6 so I thought it would be pointless unless I stopped the supplements which I am not willing to do. I have recently had my copper levels done and it was 22, I am presuming after 6 months of detoxing with the zinc, vit C and saunas that this has come down considerably. My retest for Zinc was 11 – so its on the rise. I have had a lot of the symptoms on your check list for most of my life. Most Drs. do not consider pyroluria. Can you suggest a basic list of supplements I can take to maintian a good level of Zinc and B6 plus other supplements you recomend ie evening primrose, manganese. I am a 59 yo female living in Australia
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Jackie
    I don’t really have much to say beyond what I’ve said to previous folks – please peruse the comments and my responses above. With my clients, I start with zinc (30 mg) and rarely go above 60mg, vitamin B6 (100mg, and go up to 500mg based on dream recall) or P5P (starting at 25mg) and evening primrose oil (1300mg), plus a good multi-vitamin (with manganese) and a multi-mineral and sometimes additional magnesium.
    Keep in mind that there is no basic level as we are all unique and certainly with pyroluria, stress often leads to a higher need for the zinc and B6 for awhile.
    I assume the zinc test was a blood test? Just be aware that plasma and serum zinc levels are not terribly good measures of zinc status.

  59. Hi Trudy
    Thanks for your reply – I have downloaded your e – book and read the replies above. Yes it was a zinc blood test. I am doing the zinc taste test to determine how my zinc levels are progressing.
    Thanks again

  60. Hi Trudy,
    my wife has tested positive for Pyroluria and I have stared her on 50mg Zinc and 50mg P5P and she is doing really well. My question is she has a good dream recall now but she has nightmares every night. Does this mean that 50mg of P5P is too much or not enough? Thank you very much. Goran

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Goran
    It great to hear your wife is doing really well! it could be too much or too little of even the wrong form of B6. I’d suggest having her reduce it to 25 mg P5P and see how she does and then increase it or even switch to 100mg B6/pyridoxine. Please let us know how she’s doing as you make changes.

  61. Dear Trudy,
    My daughter was having anxiety attacks and feeling overwhelmed which led me to your book. I was so excited to read your book and realize that both my daughter and I probably had pyroluria. I began taking the zinc and B6 and my constant feelings of anxiety went away. If I forget to take the supplements for a couple of days, my anxiety comes back to remind me I need them! I just ordered the EPO. Now, I just need to convince my daughter to take them.
    I want to thank you for your research and for the help you have given me. It has made all the difference in the world.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by to let me know – I am so pleased it’s made such a difference. I do appreciate you commenting and I know others who read this blog will be encouraged and hopeful! Once your daughter starts to feel better she won’t look back … just have her commit to 2 weeks on the supplements and then she’ll be convinced.

  62. I have at least 29 of these symptoms, I have more of them on occasion.I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and ADD, and I ended up here by trying to look for non medication alternatives for bipolar symptoms. Where can I get tested to see if this may be the real problem?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Olivia
    Where are you located? I rely on the questionnaire and response to supplementation

  63. Hello. I have been intensively reading/aoto-traininbg myself to understand what the problem is with my girlfriend. I read (twice) and actually “studied” many books (Optomum Nutrition for the Mind; Primal Body, Primal Mind; Wheat Belly, etc) and will certainly read your book as well. My girlfriend scored 21 on this test!!!! Just to eb sure it’s not just a generic high-score test, I did it and scored 4 (and indeed, I have no anxiety or other emotional/psy issues). Her “mainstream” doctor just tells her to take anti depressants and to lower her stress in her life!!! After MUCH researching, I (an economist!!) “prescribed” her B complez (b6, etc.), zinc, magnesium, omega 3, GABA and 5htp… and after 2 weeks, she is feeling MUCH better! She is also seeing a dynamic and very “proactive” psychologist/”coach”… these combined give great results!!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    So pleased to hear your girlfriend is so much better. Well done for researching this and looking for answers for her. She’s a lucky girl to have you!

  64. And I would like to THANK you for the extraordinary help you so generously provide on this blog! Any thoughts about copper detox while rebuilding b6 and zinc stores?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    You’re very welcome Pascal. As with any supplements, if someone has a bad reaction, they stop of reduce the amount.

  65. Hi Trudy,

    What a great service you are doing to share your wealth of information! Thank you! Is there a lab that you would recommend where we could get the pyroluria urine test done ourselves without a doctor’s order?

    Thanks again! You are a great blessing to many!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Kay
    You are very welcome! It’s important to me that people know about this! I don’t do pyroluria testing with my clients and simply have them do the questionnaire and see how they respond to the supplements. I am looking into other labs for testing as the one I used to use no longer offers it and other labs I have tried do not seem to be as reliable. If you find one, please do share here. Thanks!

  66. Good afternoon Trudy,
    my name is Shirley, i am from Slovakia, please would you give me some advice- in my country there is no chance to consult holistic doctor, who would know something about pyroluria.I learnt something about pyroluria only last week. Do you think I could have this condition? My symptoms: fearful since childhood, sometimes I have bad dreams, bad reactions to anxlyotics-I can´t take Lexaurin-bromazepamum-because it causes me mania, pale face, joints cracking, sensitivity to sunlight, frequent fatigue in the morning and during day- I sleep about 10 hours in the evening I am fresh, but in the morning I am rather tired and sleepy, anemia, cold hands and feet, bad reactions to stress and some situations-e.g. I can´t live in a dormitory with other girls in the room, because I´m easily upset by them and I can´t concentrate on learning with other people in the room, I can´t drive too, because it´s too stressful for me, i am big introvert, loner, shy, hypersensitivite to other people, gossipry, violence in television, bad reaction to changes in general, rather crooked teeth- I wore braces several years in puberty, bad acne in puberty, frequent headaches from childhood. Thank you very much for answer and advice.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Shirley
    If you score is 15 or more, and it seems that is likely, you will probably benefit from adding zinc, vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil. I have my clients do this and then we look for improvements in symptoms.

    The fact that you’re tired in the morning and during the day, and fresh in the evenings may be related to your adrenals. You may have low cortisol in the day and high cortisol at night – this high cortisol can also contribute to anxiety.

    I just did a blog post about the probable connection between introversion and pyroluria I’m curious to hear which of the introvert qualities you relate to?


  67. Hi Trudy,
    Pyroluria questionaire- I identify with numbers 1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,24,26,28,29,31,33,36,38,39,41,42.
    Introvert traits- I identify with numbers 1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10,13,15,18,19,21.
    Can I take venlafaxine-37,5mg daily- with zinc,B6 and other pyroluria supplements?
    Thank you.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Shirley
    Thanks for looking at the introvert questionnaire and sharing your scores on this and pyroluria. I see many overlaps.

    Typically zinc, B6 and EPO are fine to take with SRNIs and SSRIs but when I am working with someone who is taking medications that affect serotonin levels, such as a SRNI like enlafaxine/Effexor, I have them check with their doctor. You also want to have your doctor or other health practitioner educate you about serotonin syndrome and monitor how you’re doing.

    Please let me know if you need some help navigating this and communicating with your doctor. I do offer long distance consulting.

  68. Trudy,

    This is really interesting. I read the Huffington Post article and if I remember correctly I even commented on it.

    I have often said there is a difference between feeling shy and being an introvert. I have heard the true difference between extroverts or introverts is whether you need alone time or social time to recharge.

    I actually consider myself an extrovert but on any day I can take one of these test and be classified as an introvert. Maybe it has to do with my levels on that day.

    Thanks for the information. Maybe it is time to add another supplement to my nightly set.
    (I took the tests for you, HP ~ 1,2,3,4,5,6,15,16,17,18,23 Yours 1,2,3,5,9,10,12,13,14,16,17,19,20,29,30,34,35,38,41.)

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Rose, thanks for your thoughtful answer! I see many overlaps for you. I find it interesting that you fluctuate between feeling like an introvert and then like an extrovert. There may be an explanation – pyroluric symptoms tend to get worse when you’re under more stress.

    Posting the Huffington Post/HP link here for other readers


  69. Good Afternoon Trudy,

    My name is Cynthia and I just learned about pyroluria and I have been reading several websites about this. I have several questions about the treatment and testing. First of all do we really need to get tested? Also how many times a day do we need to take the the B6 zinc and EPO? And do we take them all together? Many websites say it is dangerous to self treat is that true? I mainly suffer from severe anxiety since I was a child and now as a 29 year old adult I have episodes of severe anxiety on and off. I can be months without any symptoms but then as a get stressed it comes back. Could it really be pyroluria?


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Cynthia
    I use the questionnaire and my client’s response to the supplements rather than doing pyroluria testing. It is common for those with pyroluria to feel much worse during very stressful times. The timing and amount of B6, zinc and EPO depends on each person and how bad their symptoms are and where they are deficient. My clients typically start on 100mg vitamin B6, 30 mg Optizinc and 1200mg EPO in the morning and we may go up from there based on dream anxiety, dream recall, zinc tally, fatty acid levels and so on.

    It’s hard to say if you do have pyroluria. There are many factors to consider: what is your score is when stressed and when not stressed? do you get some of these nutrients in a multi or other supps? do you feel better when taking these supps?

    If you have concerns about self-treating I’d suggest working with a nutritionist or integrative doctor/practitioner who is familiar with pyroluria.


  70. Thanks for responding to me Trudy,

    I did score 20 from your questionnaire so I will start the vitamins. I can take the regular zinc and B6 from over the counter or is their a specific one that you recommend? Also what would be some side effects to watch out for?


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Cynthia – yes I use over the counter supplements with my clients. I talk about forms in other comments in this thread – please check those out. For too much B6…peripheral neuropathy, for too much zinc or the wrong form…nausea. It is all detailed in the pyroluria chapter in my book. It’s too detailed to go into here :)

  71. Hi Trudy,

    I have 19 of the symptoms on the list. I want to start the supplements…but i had a bad experience with B6. I got flushed really bad from it. Do you recommend a specific form of B6?



    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Chelsea
    I have not had anyone experience flushing from vitamin B6. Could it have been vitamin B3, also called niacin? My clients typically start with 100mg vitamin B6 if they score high and don’t recall their dreams or have nightmares

  72. Hi Trudy – thanks for the info, the website, and taking the time to respond to all the queries. While the answers seldom differed, it was interesting to see the range of questions and your responses to them.

    I have a question re one of the things you mentioned – low levels of alkaline phosphatase. Can you please explain a little more re how you interpret it? E.g. low = insufficient zinc or vice versa.

    Kind regards,

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi V
    You’re welcome! Zinc status is tough to measure and low levels of alkaline phosphatase (a zinc-dependent enzyme) is one marker of possible low zinc levels. I use this plus the zinc sulfate test/liquid zinc and symptoms, plus response to supplements. Here is a link to some research on this

  73. Hi Trudy,

    I have been tested for pyroluria twice because I scored so high on the questionnaire but both times it has come back negative. I was told it was due to having very low levels of zinc. I am supplementing with 30 mg of zinc picolinate and a bit of Vitamin B along with Borage oil. Is that normal to be tested 2 times and it come back negative? I truly believe that pyroluria is my issue. Do you think zinc picolinate is a good choice or would Optic zinc be better or a combination of both?? And do you find that some people do better on P5P than B6 or a combination of both? I am working with a holistic pharmacists that has studied pyroluria but she has not recommended P5P for me and only plain B6. I am ever so slightly better but have a long way to go.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Jo
    If someone has the symptoms and responds well to the supps then I don’t worry about the test. I’m curious, how high was your score?

    You don’t mention who you did the test with? some labs are not as reliable as we’d like and I wish there was better testing available!

    We are all different but I start my clients on the Optizinc and 100mg B6 and we go from there based on how they feel. Some do need to switch to another form of zinc and some do better on P5P or a combo of B6/P5P. It’s a matter of trial and error. I can’t offer you specific advice here but if you need more help with the combinations I do have a whole chapter on pyroluria in my book “The Antianxiety Food Solution”.

    I’m glad to hear you’re ever so better! when you have the right combo and doses you should feel 100%.


  74. Hi
    Great reading! My 22 year old daughter had most symptoms and has a recent diagnosis of pyroluria. Extremely high copper and high histamine. She has been on supplements for 6 weeks. she has failed UNi, lost confidence and had put on at least 20kg (huge weight gain around her thighs hips and middle) although being on a very strict intolerance diet (no gluten dairy almonds lentils soy and eggs). Her headaches have stopped and she seems a little less anxious. She is still on ADHD medication. Will she lose the weight, regain her mental ability and be able to return to study?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Helen
    I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter but pleased she’s finding some resolution with diet and supplements. I really don’t have enough information to be able to comment on her longer term results and can’t do that here on the blog.

    Some things to consider: I always look into low catecholamines for the ADHD symptoms and low serotonin for low confidence. Here is a questionnaire

    I also find that when someone is on the correct dose and form of the pyroluria supplements they see big improvements in the pyroluria symptoms within a week.

  75. Hi Trudy,

    My main issue is actually binging and eating disorders in general. I’m gluten and sugar free but still binge massive on things like nuts, cottage cheese, especially eat nonstop for hours although things that are not junk. I have tried aminos in Julia Ross’s diet cure found out they didn’t work actually made me worse. Than in depression free naturally I came across pyroluria which explained aminos may not be working because of low b6. I’m in Turkey and can’t find any nutritional doctors but despite I sent my urine to UK for pyroluria testing which came up negative although I have many symptoms from list. So do you think eating disorders may be relateed to pyroluria and can you recommend any doctor from Turkey? Thanks a lot in advance

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Ayse
    Rather than the pyroluria test, I rely on symptoms and response the zinc, vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil. If someone is low in these nutrients it can affect neurotransmitter levels as both zinc and B6 are co-factors that are needed to make them. This could be a factor in binge eating.

    A few other things to consider:
    – Binging on fatty foods like nuts and cottage cheese may be related to a fatty acid deficiency
    – Amino acid quality and timing is a factor in how effective they are
    – Underactive thyroid can affect how well the amino acids work

    I’m sorry but I don’t have a doctor referral in Turkey. I’d be happy to set up a time to talk with you.


  76. I believe I have pyroluria after using your checklist. My anxiety has gotten much, much worse as I’ve aged and I’m fearful about everything. I was wondering if one doesn’t have access to health insurance, what dose of zinc and B6 would you suggest to start with to see if it indeed does help? I’m at my wit’s end and was so happy to come across your article.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Shay
    I start my clients with zinc (30 mg), vitamin B6 (100mg) or P5P (25mg) and evening primrose oil (1300mg), plus a good multi-vitamin (with manganese) and a multi-mineral and sometimes additional magnesium.

    I’d also suggest looking into the possibility of low GABA or low serotonin – here is a questionnaire to get started

    I have a whole chapter on pyroluria and a chapter on the amino acids in my book The Antianxiety Food Solution. I also do individual consults if that interests you.

    I’m curious if you consider yourself an introvert? here is that questionnaire


  77. Hi
    I did your pyro questionnaire and got around 28 yes responses – so I feel I’m probably suffering from this problem.
    My question for you is regarding the liquid zinc test which I use to measure my levels.
    But I find it confusing as I feel I get contradictory responses.
    An example of this is yesterday my taste response was: an immediate taste of the liquid within a second or two that was not at all unpleasant.
    Whereas today I couldn’t taste anything immediately however after maybe 6 or 7 seconds i began tasting it and it was almost unpleasant. I’m not sure what to make of this?
    Are you able to offer any insight as to which is a more important indicator, the immediacy or pleasant/unpleasantness of the test?

    Thank you – and what a great site this is!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Liz
    Yes, it’s unusual! Some things to consider: is the zinc fresh? is it zinc sulfate liquid? are these other symptoms of low zinc (see the pyroluria questionnaire)? did you eat something before-hand (this typically shouldn’t make a difference but you never know)? test it out more than once and have someone else do the test too.
    I’m glad you like my site – thanks!

  78. I answered yes to 1,2,3,4,6,16.21,24,25,26,27,28,29,36,39,42. GP suggested Zinc, Omega-3, Vit D, St. John’s Wort supplementation since he knows I would prefer not to take antidepressants. Well, I ended up on an antidepressant without trying any of his suggestions because I am so exhausted after trying so many vitamins/supplements that have not worked in the past. This post has given me a bit of new hope.

    Can you supplement with zinc and B6 while on an antidepressant?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Patrick – I’m so glad this post has given you hope! I see so much success with these nutrients when someone scores high on the questionnaire.

    I have no problem with my clients taking zinc and vitamin B6 when on a single antidepressant. Zinc research actually shows it’s improves the effectiveness of SSRIs!

    I suggest talking to your GP since he’s willing to work with you on this. Keep in mind that most pyrolurics tend to need omega-6/evening primrose oil and not omega-3s

    Keep us posted on how you’re doing

  79. Hi Trudy,
    Thanks for the response. As for B6, I have always had trouble with B-complexes. I tend to get more anxious/aggressive depending on how much I take. But I was never sure if it was the B12 or the B6 that was causing this. Any thoughts?

    I’ll look into the omega-6/evening primrose more as well.


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    I have not heard of either of these causing anxiety/aggression. I’d try them individually and read labels for other ingredients.

  80. Would chlorella cover this? Or best to buy zinc and b6 separately? Many Thanks.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Sara, chlorella would not cover this

  81. WOW – I have been talking to doctors about my symptoms for years and years and have never been able to get any answers. I took your Pyroluria questionaire and have almost all of the most common signs and symptoms. Will get on B6 and zinc today!


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Do keep us posted on how you do Denise

  82. Hi – I have a question in regards to B6 and dream recall…

    If I sleep for a short time 5,6,7 hours I can’t really recall my dreams
    But if I sleep for longer 8,9,10 hours then I can remember dreams
    Does this mean I’m still B6 deficient?

    Thanks again

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Liz – the big question is are they pleasant dreams? if not then you may need vitamin B6.

  83. Hi Trudy,

    I just finished reading The Anti-anxiety Food Solution. Thank you for an informative, concise & inexpensive guide, especially for those of us who are figuring this out all alone. I have already recommended it to 4 other women who have depression, anxiety, and/or sleep disorders.

    I believe I have pyroluria and am about to get the liquid zinc, to test. I already have had no dreams since a very bad car accident/mild brain injury 25 years ago; could that have led to pyroluria manifesting, and/or B6 deficiency?

    I did start taking tryptophan (500 mg, 3pm and 11pm) and it is really working; my mood is brighter, my impulse control is better, and I feel more able to tackle things every day! I’ve had longterm mild depression and 5HTP just wasn’t working. I then worked up to 3mg of time-released melatonin (11pm), because of longterm sleep problems.

    I doubled the dose of tryptophan at 11PM and was having mild headaches the next day. Do I need to wait until my body adjusts to this larger does or should I go back to 1 500mg pill at night? Also, I am still not sleeping through the night. Should I take 4mg of melatonin at 11pm or take 1 when I wake up during the night?

    I can’t wait to do the zinc tally test and start the pyroluria treatment; thank goodness I learned of this through your website and book. It may solve longstanding health issues for me, perhaps genetic… …or, a mild brain injury left me with mild depression, fatigue, sleep problems, and ADD-like cognitive issues. (At some point, I plan to try tyrosine, as you discuss.)

    Thank you, Trudy, for sharing your expertise and years of experience with us!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks for taking the time to post here – SO lovely to hear stories like this! Thanks for sharing it with others :)

    Pyroluria is made worse by stress and a car accident could be factor.

    I can’t give you specific advice here but will say this: too much of any of the aminos will cause a reverse effect and more is not necessarily better; tryptophan can be taken with night wakenings and additional melatonin may help (provided you don’t feel too tired in the morning); sleep issues can be low serotonin or low blood sugar or food intolerances or high cortisol or bad sleep hygeine (tv, computer, emfs etc) and even parasites.


  84. Thanks for responding so quickly!

    I have a feeling the pyroluria is gonna prove an important factor; I just completed a (quite stressful) masters program and was far away from home for several years. Now that I am back home with my dh, my health has crashed.

    With the new pyroluria info which I now have (again TYVM), and with reflection, I can see I have a life-long pattern of crashing after stressful life events (a family death, the masters, leaving a job, moving…); each time I HAD to have a recuperation period …unlike most other people who just seem able to roll on.

    Today, I did the zinc tally test (got a 1 or maybe 1.5). I already do not dream at night, and I had 23 positives (17 of them the common signs) on your pyroluria test. So I am starting B6, zinc and EPO today, along with a daily B vitamin; slow dose changes and lots of observation of reactions… …as well as re-reading your book and going to get Julia Ross’s and Joan Mathews-Larson’s books.

    I am assuming that adding the B6/zinc may help boost the tryptophan & melatonin, which I already (successfully, yahoo!) started.

    Unbelievable that such a relatively simple fix to a vitamin/mineral deficiency is not more recognized and treated by family doctors and ob/gyns, the women’s doctors!

    I can’t wait to see where this takes me ! I’ll keep in touch on your website…

    To brighter moods, deep sleep, renewable, abundant life-energy,


    PS I LOVE that I get to talk to an author!! Isn’t the internet great?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Glad you’re making the stress connection. And yes zinc and B6 are co-factors for making the neurotransmitters. And yes, so simple and yet so life-changing!

    Julia’s and Joan’s books are awesome!

    Ditto this: To brighter moods, deep sleep, renewable, abundant life-energy

    PS yes you get to talk to me here! I love interacting with my readers! And do keep in touch

  85. Dear Judy,
    have you come across a connection between pyrroluria and focal musicians dystonia (musicians cramp)?
    Thanks and Best,

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Thomas
    I have not and until I looked it up I was not aware of this condition. I’m curious why you’re asking? Do you or someone you know have symptoms of pyroluria and focal musicians dystonia?

    I do see some overlaps with dystonia and mood so it’s possible there is a connection:
    (1) “it is now thought that people affected by dystonia are more likely to experience mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and OCD even before the physical symptoms of dystonia appear. It is not known why this is – but it appears that whatever causes dystonia may also affect mood and behaviour in some way.”
    (2) “An additional relation between dystonia and mental health conditions is that some drugs used to treat psychoses can cause tardive dystonia / dyskinesia. With the new generation of these drugs (called dopamine receptor blockers) this is much less likely than it used to be – but unfortunately a small risk remains.” [also from the above dystonia site]
    (3) Recommended drug treatments are also often used for anxiety and depression I’d suggest assessing for low GABA, low serotonin and low catecholamines and determining if amino acids may give the same relief
    (4) If you have pyroluria, you’ll have low levels of zinc and vitamin B6, key co-factors in making serotonin and GABA and other neurotransmitters

    I did a quick search of pubmed and came up with the following:
    (1) All three (mood, pyroluria, dystonia) have a possible autoimmune/gluten/diet connection Here is a case study where the dystonia resolved on a gluten-free diet
    (2) Wilson’s disease (high copper/low zinc) can have symptoms of dystonia
    (3) Stress, caffeine and alcohol affect all three

    Thanks for asking your question – I learned a lot by looking in to this!

  86. Dear Trudy,

    thanks for a wealth of information you posted. I just found the post and will look through all of it; meanwhile, I started taking B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 120mg and Zinc USP 60mg 2 weeks ago and do find some relief already. As you may have guessed, I have had dystonia for a long time and had to put a professional musician’s career on hold, and when I read your site, I found that I have a large number of symptoms from your list – I am hopeful.
    Thanks again,

    NB: please let me know if the dosage is about right. Doctors I talked to did not recognise this condition.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thomas – thanks for sharing. I am so pleased you’re hopeful and finding some relief. Is this from the social anxiety or the dystonia symptoms or both? I’d love to hear what has improved and how much. It’ll help others who read this blog!

    The starting dose I use is 100mg B6 and 30mg zinc and slowly go up to 500mg B6 (based on dream recall and symptoms) and 60mg zinc (based on symptoms and zinc tally test). I can’t give you specific advice via the blog unfortunately.

    But I will talking about pyroluria on my upcoming online summit – The Anxiety Summit – June 9-22. You can get access here I’m sure you’ll pick up some good stuff from many of the other speakers too. Hope you can join us!


  87. I am just blown away by listening to you on The Anxiety Summit!! I just listened to the interview on Pyroluria. I have always wondered why I am the way I am! Pyroluria. I think I have this. I scored 20 on the symptoms list. I always just thought I was an introvert. I have always been fearful since childhood! I have also been primarily vegetarian (fish once in a while, chicken or turkey rarely) for the past 8 years. No dairy. I have been so hung up the dangers of meat eating and how it is linked to cancer. I have lots of cancer in close relatives who are heavy meat eaters so I have always shyed away from meat. The literature I read is that animal protein is linked to elevated IgF-1 in the body which can lead to cancer. I have read where it is better to get your protein from plants and follow a plant based diet. It is so confusing out there. I have followed Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s protocol for 8 years. While I have improved in many areas, the emotional area not so much. Can you still be a healthy vegan if you supplement but do not eat animal protein? I think a symptom of pyroluria is a “fear” of disease from eating a animal protein diet.. Yikes, what to do. Dr. Fuhrman also frowns on taking isolated supplements like B6 or Zinc. He believes it causes other imbalances in the body. I am tired of not feeling 100% so I really want to try the supplement protocol and see what happens. I have taken EPO for years, 1500 mg. It has helped with menopause. I am 62 years old. Menopause was extremely rough; this happened at age 47. I suffered from horrible panic attacks and anxiety during that time. That has thankfully resolved. I appreciate all the work you are doing in this area and look forward to downloading the Kindle version of your book. I love the anxiety summit and have learned so much. My husband has over 20 of the symptoms also so I may put him on the same supplement protocol. His symptoms are even more exaggerated than mine. He has told me for years about the strange, bizarre dreams he has. He is also no nervous and anxious all the time, has anger issues, no attention span, and totally antisocial. Thanks again for all your knowledge!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    So pleased you’re blown away! and that you’re finding answers for you and your husband.

    My clients with anxiety and mood issues do better on animal protein. I say just listen to your body. And remember quality is key. I’m assuming you heard Dr Jacka’s research interview – women do better when eating grass-fed red meat.

    Many people need supplements to heal and address biochemical imbalances. I wish we could do it with food alone but we can’t

    Please keep us posted on how things go with you and hubby

  88. Hi, I cannot tell you how much I have been enjoying the Anxiety Summit. I had been searching for information like this so the timing has been perfect! Thank you for this questionnaire. I scored 29!
    I am hoping you can guide me on something. I have an adult handicapped daughter that I believe is affected by this in a huge way. She is 35 but maybe 3 mentally and is non verbal so some of these answers I can only guess at and use observation. The problem lies in that she lives in a group home and they must adhere to strict protocols and cannot give her anything without a prescription, even sunscreen!! Even though I live in the DC metro area, good luck finding a doctor who knows what this is AND accepts her Medicaid. We also have an MTHFR defect and I am struggling to get her help with this.
    She has severe OCD, anxiety, and self-injurious behaviors. She isn’t used to going to a day program and she just really pitches a horrible fit when they try and coerce her. I think this is her way of showing social anxiety and is very much “overwhelmed in environments with excess stimulation”. Instead of the harmless zinc and B6 she is given Seroquel and Prozac. The new psychiatrist even wanted to give her Buspar and it was my turn to pitch a fit! It makes me sick to my stomach that I have so little control but we cannot get her off these meds without replacing them with what she DOES need.
    I just do not know how to go about this. Any suggestions?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi MaryEllen
    I’m so pleased you are enjoying the Anxiety Summit!

    I don’t have an answer for you about your daughter right now and will post on an integrated forum I am part of to see if someone has some ideas. It’s very sad that you don’t have a say. The good thing is that you know about better options and just have to find a way to help her with them.


  89. Wow, Trudy,

    My mom had NO sense of smell (which was always a curiosity) and she fit so many of the other questions. Miscarriages, social worked nights)
    I had /have terrible nightmares (or at least not such good dreams…when I remember them) and terrible car sickness, as a kid, nausea in a.m.s, light and noise bother so much lately and have spent three years in ‘isolation’! SO MANY want/have wanted to label everything ‘mental illness’ and I know i am not crazy!..AND getting on those supplements ASAP!!!! Thanks you so much, and I wish I had known this for the pain and suffering both my mom and sis endured (both no longer alive).

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    You are not crazy!

    I am so pleased you can now make sense of things and I’m so sorry about your mom and sister

    Thank you for sharing – your story will help others who read this

  90. Hello Trudy,
    I left my numbers on the other quiz too. For this one I got: 1, 3, 10, 12, 14, 17-20, 26, 27, 30, 31, 35= 14…..barely made it, lol! After listening to the summit and reading this page and the other one with Carolyn’s article I feel that my symptoms are related to endometriosis (& all that it comes with) or PTSD. I have added this info to my toolkit though so if I start feeling “out of wack” I have more options than medications. Thanks for all the insight on zinc and B6!!!!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks for doing both Debra – glad this has helped

  91. Hello Trudy,

    I left my numbers on the other quiz too. For this one I got: 1, 3, 10, 12, 14, 17-20, 26, 27, 30, 31, 35= 14…..barely made it, lol! After listening to the summit and reading this page and the other one with Carolyn’s article I feel that my symptoms are related to endometriosis (& all that it comes with) or PTSD. I have added this info to my toolkit though so if I start feeling “out of wack” I have more options than medications. Thanks for all the insight on zinc and B6!!!!

  92. Hi Trudy
    I’m so glad I found your anxiety seminar. I finally feel like I’m on the right path of figuring out the anxiety that runs in my family.
    I and many family members have symptoms related to severe anxiety and social anxiety, gluten sensitivities, blood sugar problems, insomnia/sleep problems, memory problems, skin rashes. I hit many of your symptoms on both lists. I had 18 on the introvert list: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,12,13,14,15,16,18,20,21 and 23
    I had 21 on the pyroluria list plus 8 more on the not as common list: 1,2,3,5,6,9,10,12,13,14,16,18,19,20,21,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,35,36,38,39,41

    I’m sad I missed your talk on pyroluria. I tried to access it today monday but it wasn’t available. I did hear the one on adrenal healing by dr Day and am looking forward to listening to more and researching pyroluria. Thank you for all of this information I just need to figure out where to go from here.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Lisa
    So glad you’re on the right path! thanks for sharing your results from the questionnaires.
    Mine aired on Sunday until 8:59am today – sorry you missed it!
    We’ll be voting for the top 5 for replays so stay tuned
    Did you see the blog post for my pyroluria call? some good stuff there

  93. Hi Trudy,
    I’ve been enjoying your summit very much and so impressed how your answering everyone here. I took this test on a whim to see if it even sounded familiar and I have nearly all of these! As a kid I had inner tension being shy. I’m in my second adrenal crash today I just found out this week. I never felt like eating breakfast. Lately my appetite has been poor. My joints,(knees) always crackled! I am very pale, and burn easily. I was once a vegetarian. My eyes are sensitive at nightime to light. I always use sunglasses in the day. Stiches when I ran as a kid. Fatigue more and more. LOW IRON ALL MY LIFE! Just found out my Ferritin level is again only 5. I WANTED TO find out WHY. I am gluten sensitive, which solved some of my issues 3 years ago. Stress, our family has so much of it. Small gatherings yes, but I’ve forced or taught myself to not be sensitive to critism. Inflamed gums…on my gosh…how can this be?
    I”m in a slump right now, with my severe anemia and adrenal crash. And not sure where to start. I don’t have a doctor that will test for anything here. My Functional Med. doc is off for 6 months. I studied natural health 20 years ago so have found most of my own answers. We have 3 boys with autism, one with OCD and I think I”m a little OCD. I work from home, and TYpe A personality and now that I’ve crashed again, have to figure out a way to get back up, but properly! We just lost our home in a house fire, July 2013, and lost our business and lived homeless for 6 months. I can take alot of stress, but it has finally caught up with me. I need to rebuild my health so I can be here for my boys (and help them too) and already take so many vitamins. (Bcomplex, Iron, Magnesium, Vit C, Cod Liver Oil, gelatin, Kelp) and don’t want to throw in more that are not needed. What do you suggest Trudy, where do I start? Will treating this solve my chronic anemia problems? Would I understand this more in your book? I’m so exhausted with our life, still trying to figure out where we will live, and so depressed about our future. What do you suggest that would be best for me right now? Could this be an answer to all my life? Thanks,
    Rita D

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Wow, you have been through a lot – I am sorry! – but I’m so glad you’re finding answers here. You’re asking a lot of questions here :) and unfortunately I can’t help via this blog. It sounds like you need to find someone to work with – it’s very challenging trying to figure this out alone, especially when you are so tired. My book does spell out all the supplements for pyroluria and adrenal support, and I’d be happy to do a phone consult if that would help.
    I do agree that supporting the adrenals and addressing the anemia will make a world of difference.

  94. Interesting Info that I did not think applied to me but after listening and reading the questions of discovery, It seems to be a possibility for me.

    Could a hair analysis prove satisfactory in diagnosis?

    Thank you 4 sharing your story as it applies to 40% of us, who knew?

    Looking forward to Part 2

    Blessings ~

  95. PLEASE!! Aren’t there some people who genuinely do not like meat, particularly red meat?
    I have never cared for it much even as a child and the smell, thought and look of it is a complete turnoff!
    I do eat organic eggs, cultured organic dairy, some small amounts of organic chicken, and fish.
    I would eat more fish (and used to) but much of it is not safe now either.
    I have always craved tuna fish (never meat) but now hardly eat it because of the mercury!

    I am blood type A.
    What is your view on the blood type diet/philosophy?

    Thank you for your time and information, and thank you for putting together this summit!
    It is gr

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi kd
    You’re welcome! I agree that type As may do fine with less red meat. But when I hear an aversion like you describe I think low zinc. I just see my clients do so much better with red meat that I always try and encourage them to eat it but we do need to find a way for it to be enjoyable

  96. Hi Trudy!

    So happy I found your web site. I am a naturopathe and have tried many, many things to improve my situation. Some helped, but still I am still anxious, stressed out, lot of food allergies, eczema, fatigue,depression, etc. I just bought your book today,I can’t wait to read it!

    I score 23 positive on the pyroluria test and have really mild taste on zinc test­. I already take almost all the supplements you are talking about, but I guess not in enough dose, and I don’t take GLA right now, wich I will add to my protocol.

    I have an heriditary blood condition called sphyrocytosis, so my hemoglobin is always low. I read that kryptopyrroles are generated during the synthesis of hemoglobin. Because my spleen is always distructing my red blood cells, my body is always generating new red blood cells to compensate. Could there be a link there why I have so much difficulty to get well? I also have à deadly nuts/peanuts allergy. I take some omega-3 from time to time, but I guess I should take more.

    Dream of that day when I will finally feel well!

    Thank you!


    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Nathalie
    Great – you’ll get a lot out of my book!
    I’m not familiar with sphyrocytosis and have not heard of a connection to pyroluria. If we were working together I would make sure you have the correct amounts of zinc and B6 and EPO (and possibly do fatty acid testing). I’d also consider genetic testing

  97. I responded yes to around 20 of these questions! Do you know what causes the pain in the left side? I am in the process with my doctor, or trying to figure out what this is and I am wondering if it is a symptom of pyroluria rather than the alternatives we have been looking at! Thank you for all of the wonderful information. I have ordered your book and cannot wait to read it!!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Michelle
    The pain in the left side (or stitch) could be due to contracting of the spleen, which is squeezing extra oxygen-carrying red blood cells into the circulation.

    It’s a good idea to get things checked out with you doctor.

    Enjoy the book and thanks!

  98. Thank yo so much for this information Trudy! My 13 year old daughter is suffering from many of these symptoms. Major social anxiety (she has no friends) and low mood are her main issues as well as a very limited diet. She will only eat cereal, toast/bagels, pasta, pancakes, fries/hashbrowns and sometimes chicken strips (but only take-out not homemade). She will occasionally eat apples, blueberries, grapes or carrots. She will sometimes tolerate a smoothie (but not if I add any protein powder). We have tried to expand her diet for years with no success, she will gag and become very emotional. Even the smell of certins foods makes her nauseated. I suspect a gluten allergy but if we took that out of her diet she would have nothing left. She will not swallow or chew vitamins other than flinstones (which I know are terrible). She will not eat any other sources of protein (eggs, almonds, meat) but will eat peanut butter. I am sure her diet is affecting her mood significantly, althought she has exibited anxiety since toddler age. We have a naturopath who made some excellent nutritional suggestions but my daughter won’t eat anything suggested. She gave her some homeopathic tinctures but we did not see improvement. I am wondering where we should start? I do think she would take a zinc supplement and/or B6 as long as it was small with no odour or flavour. Do you start with your same recommended does even for children? Also, we are in Canada, not sure if anyone her specilizes in this area?

    Thanks so much.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Dina
    Here are some things that I would consider:
    – First an amino acid trial – tryptophan and/or GABA – both are calming and could help break the carb addiction
    – I’d also focus on zinc (assuming it’s low) as this could help with protein intake
    – Vitamin B6 does help with the nausea and this together with the zinc and aminos would help the mood
    – I’d also check blood work and make sure iron anemia is not a factor

    For kids of 120lbs I start with adult amounts (or less if they are sensitive)

    Let me know where in Canada you are and I’ll see if I can refer someone. I’d also be happy to do a phone consult.

  99. Hi Trudy,

    I am back again! At this point, I am taking 60 mg Zinc and 240mg B6, but will increase the B6 to 320 mg. I take some of it in the morning, some in the evening and will take the additional 80 mg B6 around mid day. The 75-80% relief is felt in the tremor/dystonia.

    The main symptoms have always revolved around the tremor/dystonia disorder in the right hand which set on fully around the age of 20 and severely crippled development as a professional musician. Anxiety/depression born out of the devastating experience of completing a course of study in performance with this disease was the other driving component of a vicious cycle, additionally fed by inappropriate diagnosis and complete lack of medical support through inability to diagnose correctly.

    There are many musicians suffering from similar issues and it is important that this information gets out and can maybe alleviate a lot of suffering.

    Thanks and all the Best,

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks so much for coming back and sharing your improvements. I am so happy for you! This is just wonderful!

    Thank you too for enlightening me. I just presented on pyroluria to the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and shared your story – so we’re getting the message out there. If you know places to share this blog with other musicians please do so.

    I would also suggest looking into the possibility of a B12 deficiency – one of the symptoms is the tremor. You’d want to test B12, homocysteine and MMA/methylmalonic acid. Sally Pocholok’s book “Could It be B12″ is a great resource.

  100. Hi Trudy,

    Thank you for directing me to this wonderful resource (and I love reading your book!)…

    I am wondering about Pyroluria – it has opened my eyes in thinking about how to address stress, anxiety and depression which seems to be common in post-partum mothers that I see in my office. A couple questions for you: 1) can Pyroluria be triggered by pregnancy? Exacerbated by pregnancy? 2) Does having Pyroluria put a person at an increased risk of post-partum anxiety? and finally, although this doesn’t seem related, it may be… 3) Is increased thirst associated with Pyroluria? Many breastfeeding mothers I see who have increased levels of anxiety also report excessive thirst (as well as increased urination, and sweating)…all of which I naturally chalked up to hormonal changes after baby arrives, but the idea of a person’s reduced ability to absorb/utilize B6 and zinc has me wondering if it’s more than hormones and maybe Pyroluria. And the need for B6 and zinc in hormone balance post-partum certainly seems like this is a critical time to address those deficiencies.

    Sara Peternell, MNT

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Great questions I don’t have the answer to except to say that high copper (and therefore low zinc) can be a factor in post-partum anxiety so it’s possible that those women have pyroluria and the “stress” of pregnancy and hormone changes could trigger symptoms.

    In general, I have seen zinc and vitamin B6 to be crucial for hormone balancing at various stages of life – for teens with PMS and/or heavy periods, PMS in older women, during perimenopause and menopause – so it would make sense that they are also important during pregnancy. I just haven’t worked with enough pregnant women to know.

    A few other things to consider: We do know that low B6 is a factor in morning sickness (; the birth control pill depletes vitamin B6 levels; low zinc is a factor in preeclampsia ( and infertility (, preterm birth ( and many studies show it’s a common deficiency during pregnancy (; more boys seem to be miscarried in pyroluric families

    So glad you’re enjoying my book!

  101. Hi Trudy! I’ve been following your pyroluria protocol for about two months now (along with taking your ‘amazing amino acids’) and I feel wonderful. My anxiety is completely gone. My question is about the B6. Is there a limit to how much you can take? I still don’t remember my dreams. I changed to the P5P (up to 100mg) when 500mg of B6 didn’t help with dream recall but that didn’t make a difference. I’ve also tried taking a combination of both of these without success. At this point I really couldn’t tell you how much I’m taking because I just shoot a couple down the hatch whenever I see the bottle sitting on counter. I’m pretty sure I’m exceeding the maximum amounts you recommended. Can you give me any insight into what I should do from here?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Nancy
    I’m so glad you feel wonderful and don’t have any more anxiety! When someone is feeling great with no anxiety and none of the symptoms I recommend staying on a maintenance dose of 50-100mg P5P.

  102. Hı after my nose operation I got cold and realized that I smell very low and taste. Now some things I smell are like burnt. I live in Turkey. Should I do Zunic test? Because I used so many antibiotics. After I take it to my mouth should I swallow it? Please inform me about the process.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Nilly
    Here is a good blog post with information about doing this

  103. Thank you Trudy for making yourself available to all of us who have been in the dark for so many years. I am now 57 years old and I have been suffering with all but 4 of the most common symptoms all of my life! I just thought it was how I was born and never thought to question any of it or seek “a cure”. If I had only known I could have had a different life. I see some of these same symptoms in one of my daughters and I will be passing this on to her. perhaps her life will not be as hampered as mine. I now have a battle plan thanks to you and will be moving forward. Thank you ever so much.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    You are so welcome! It’s not too late eve for you and how wonderful that you can share this with your daughter. Do keep me posted on how you both do

  104. hello. i believe i have pyroluria after researching and had a question if any connection with high iron serum. my dr does not believe in this been on anti depressants for years. my iron count was not hat high three months prior or any other time. well i wanted to start supplements but dont know if safe with high iron but dr said not that high. so i am not sure where to go from here.. no drs in my area. how do i know methlation etc. i have hsd urine test for all the metals was fine and blood work did not show much deficient in vit d and c a little low in b vitamins. hormone imb. please let me know if you have suggestions. thanks. i do have nutriplex b complex and wanted to get the primrose and zinc to slowly start…

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Terri
    We often see low iron with anemia. We see high iron with iron overload conditions, too much dietary iron (like eating spinach everyday or in iron fortified foods), iron in supplements, especially in men and menopausal women. I like to see high iron addressed as it’s not safe

    Since I don’t know your health history I can only say that theoretically having high iron should not be a factor in starting a pyroluria protocol.


  105. Hi Trudy,
    Am I understanding correctly (from your book) that Zinc supplementation for pyroluria should be monitored by the zinc taste test and when the test shows sufficiency the supplemental zinc should be stopped?
    After sufficiency do you suggest doing the zinc taste test on a regular basis to monitor zinc levels to see if there is a need to resume supplementing with zinc?
    Do you see your clients needing to take zinc on and off to maintain sufficiency?
    If there is no change taking 30mg of Opti zinc do you suggest increasing the dose of Otpi zinc before switching to another form of zinc?
    Will you please give some insight and clarification into this?
    Also, is supplementation with B6 and GLA ongoing? Thank you!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Rose
    If you have pyroluria zinc and vitamin B6 supplementation is forever (GLA too often). I use the zinc taste test to get levels up and then continue to use it make sure the levels are good (I think this answered your first 3 questions and the last one).
    I do increase the Optizinc to 60mg with my clients and then switch to another form. Remember that adding and/or increasing GLA can help with zinc absorption.
    Hope this helps

  106. Hi Trudy. I have many of these symptoms and also have been in a state of depression for several years. I have been taking the B6 and zinc, but don’t notice much difference in my social anxiety or depression. I am taking 5HTP twice a day.

    Also, my granddaughter seems to have some of these symptoms; does it skip a generation?

  107. Hi Trudy, have you come across many couples both having pyrrole disroder? my husband & i both have it, my mum & dad had it, my daughter & her partner have it, seems pyrrole sufferers may be drawn to those who also have it!?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks for sharing – this is very interesting and yes I have come across this. My husband and I both have pyroluria. I interviewed Corey Schuler on the Anxiety Summit (and he interviewed me for my pyroluria topic) and he mentioned that both him and his wife have pyroluria.

  108. Thank you for the great information!

    I got 32 of the questionnaire. And most of them are VERY ME. But, there are some pyroluria symptoms that I don’t have.

    For example, I remember dreams very well and always have.
    I also have a very large appetite.
    I am pale, but not naturally. I just choose to avoid the sun.
    I have a pretty good memory of past events and people.
    I don’t dislike protein, though I much prefer carb meals.

    Other than these, this list fits me exactly. But I’m confused because many places use the dream recall as a major symptom of pyroluria. Have you had many clients who dream well, but still have pyroluria?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Poor dream recall or having unpleasant dreams/weird dreams/nightmares is a classic pyroluria symptom because it’s due to low levels of vitamin B6 which is a common pyroluria deficiency. It’s possible you have only have low levels of zinc or that despite remembering your dreams you are still low in vitamin B6. The best way to know is to try the protocol and see if the anxiety symptoms resolve.

  109. I was recently diagnosed with pyroluria through a urine test. I have so many of the symptoms but in the past they were shrugged off by doctors. I have a new doctor and she said let’s test for pyroluria, which I hadn’t heard of before. I just started taking a b consoles today but my stomach became upset after taking it. I took it with a meal. Any tips?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Hi Heather
    I’d suggest discussing this with your doctor – I’m so pleased she was willing to test for pyroluria! If she doesn’t have answers for you I’d suggest starting with individual vitamin B6.

  110. I also have MTHFR. So I purchased a b complex by pure encapsulations that has the methylated b vitamins. I wasn’t expecting to have an upset stomach after taking them and I’m not sure what to do now.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Other than talking to your doctor, do consider an individual form of the methylated folate. Or possibly try another brand.

  111. Thank you I will talk to my doctor soon. :)

  112. Dear Trudy,

    I think it is, at this point, safe to say that the pyroluria treatment is, at least in my case, the cure for pyroluria and dystonia. 90%+ of my symptoms have disappeared, I am working extensively on repertoire and I am thinking about getting back into performing. Your advice and encouragement have been, and still are, very helpful – they are the only outside professional help I have had through the process. If there is any way I can help you establish the connection between pyroluria and dystonia in your professional environment, I will certainly be glad to do that.
    Thanks again,

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