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Her style of presenting sensitive information is extremely articulate and informative - Lisa Bryant.


Trudy was able to advise me on the holistic approach to some of my difficult hormonal health challenges - Nicole Hodson.


I always thought that if you eat well you don’t need anything else but I realized that sometimes food is just not enough! And the right type of supplements can really help you get back to where you want to be! - Sylvie





About Trudy

Hello and welcome! I am Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist

My emphasis is on educating successful women about a healthy and balanced lifestyle, dietary choices based on a whole-foods approach and individualized nutrient supplementation as needed - so you can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on-top-of-the-world emotionally™.

You’ll learn how and why to eat whole real foods, find natural solutions for anxiety and other mood problems, finally banish sugar cravings (and not feel deprived) and find answers to your health issues.

My Story

I am so passionate about working with women with anxiety, mood problems and other health problems because I have had my own personal journey with anxiety, starting in my mid-thirties. My anxiety was just awful and I had feelings of doom for no reason, a pounding heart in the middle of the night and at various times during the day, excessive unfounded worry and overwhelm, avoidance of social situations, panic attacks (I had three in total and would not wish one on my worst enemy) and one throat constriction episode. I had hormone imbalances and suffered from terrible PMS. I also experienced adrenal burnout. Of course, I had all the sugar cravings (I was a huge chocoholic) that so often go with mood and hormonal problems.

For me, it was due to stress and overwork, a “healthy” diet but a vegetarian one. This was combined with tendencies for blood sugar issues and food intolerances. I also have a genetic condition called pyroluria and have a greater need for zinc and vitamin B6 than the average person. I say “for me” because each person is biochemically unique and will have unique needs and different imbalances.

Using foods and specific nutrients, reducing stress and balancing my hormones I am now completely anxiety-free (and free of sugar cravings) but I had to figure it out myself, the hard way. I left my computer job and went back to school to study nutrition and have studied with best in the field of nutritional and mental health. Now I have the best job in the world – helping women get the answers they need so they don’t have to resort to medications – and so they can feel on top of the world, look incredible and be super-healthy.

My experience

I have a thriving practice in Northern California and work primarily with women (and a few men too) all over the world doing individual consultations, live workshops and teleseminars. I also educate other holistic practitioners. I am thrilled to be sharing my passion about natural solutions for anxiety in my first book - The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings. It will be published by New Harbinger in 2011. You can learn more here www.antianxietyfoodsolution.com

A few years ago I spent two years working with nutritional psychologist Julia Ross, MA, (author of The Mood Cure) at Recovery Systems in Mill Valley, California. The clinic specializes in mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia, pyroluria), eating disorders (obesity, compulsive eating, anorexia, bulimia) and addiction recovery (carbohydrates, drugs, alcohol, behaviors). I was part of a holistic team, comprising psychotherapists, nutritionists, and a physician.

I am a passionate researcher and writer, with articles published in various newspapers and magazines. I assisted Julie Matthews, NC, with research for her book Nourishing Hope: Nutrition Intervention for Autism.

I am immediate past President of the board of directors of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and now serve as Special Advisor to the board of directors and am chair of the legislative committee. I am also a member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting effective nutritional and other natural methods for the treatment of all addictive disorders. I am a member of The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and improving the diagnosis, treatment and cure of anxiety disorders through education and research. I am also a member of The National Alliance on Mental Illness/NAMI and Holistic Mom’s Network. I support the Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. I am also an active member of Toastmasters International.

I completed my CN (Certified Nutritionist) program through American Health Sciences University and keep up to date with the latest nutritional information by attending numerous conferences each year.  I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

I’d also love to tell you about the women who inspire me…

  • My mom was my first inspiration and she continues to inspire me – we ate real food growing up, hardly ever visited the doctor and she taught us not to rely on drugs. She was a brilliant entrepeneur and has always been and still is, an amazingly caring and generous mom.

  • Adelle Davis was a nutrition pioneer in the 1940s and 1950s and I discovered her wonderful books in the 1980s. So much of what she wrote about then, still makes so much sense today.

  • Ruth Adele, ND, my doctor in the 1990s, encouraged me to pursue my passion for natural health and become a nutritionist. I was over 29 and was working with her because I was starting to experience hormonal changes, sleep problems and my work stress in corporate America was huge!

  • Ellyn Hilliard, PhD, has such a passion for holistic health, nutrition and cancer. During my nutritionist internship, Ellyn was so generous with her time and I learned so much from her. She now has a health retreat in Colorado called Twelve Ways Healing Center.

  • Julie Matthews, NC, and her work in the autism community is incredible. Working as her research assistant on her wonderful book Nourishing Hope (Nutrition Intervention for Autism) was a true honor.  Julie's site Nourishing Hope for Autism has a wealth of information. 

  • I am also so inspired by the work of Julia Ross, nutritional psychologist. She is a pioneer in the use of amino acids for mental health, eating disorders and addiction recovery.  I was so fortunate to have worked with her for 2 years at the Recovery Systems Clinic.

  • I am inspired by all the nutrition professionals and holistic health practitioners who are working to teach people that they can have optimal health and feel great always.

  • Finally, I am inspired by all my clients - all that I learn from working with them, their courage, their perseverance and their commitment to their health and the health of their families.

And finally introduce my wonderful husband...and our love of the outdoors...

I’m married to an amazing man, Brad, who I met rock-climbing. We spent 12 years rock-climbing, travelling and exploring the world. We love the outdoors and adventure. These are a few of our favorite places: the Drakensberg mountains, Umhlanga Rocks, Cape Town and the Cederberg in South Africa; Mt Kenya and Fisherman’s Camp in Kenya; Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Sydney and Ayers Rock in Australia; Orpierre and Verdon Gorge in the south of France; Santorini in Greece; the Lake District in the UK; and Yosemite, Maui, Lake Tahoe and the Colorado Rockies in the USA.

These days, in the summer, you’ll find us windsurfing, hiking or mountain biking in the foothills and mountains of Northern California. In the winter you’ll find Brad snowboarding and me telemark skiing.

Health and happiness,
Trudy Scott
Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist
B. Social Science (Psychology)
Special Advisor to the board of Directors of National Association of Nutrition Professionals (www.nanp.org)

Trudy Scott, Certified Nutritionist
I can help you end your cravings forever, no willpower required.
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