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Your information was detailed and organized.  I really liked the case studies and references you used. Thank you for your excellence! - Anasuya Basil Batliner.


I was awed by your enthusiasm and willingness to jump in at the last minute to save the day at our Women and Heart Health event and present on "Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart" - Tess Albin-Smith.



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Biofeedback by Heartmath

emWave2 by HeartMath LLC

emWave Desktop helps you bring your heart and mind into a coherent state, building resilience, increasing energy, reducing anxiety and stress, and promoting focus, mental clarity and emotional balance.

US Wellness Meats

If you can’t get it locally, mail order grassfed meat and other wonderful products like pemmican! Family farms, sustainable farming, humane practices.

Vital Choice 

Wild, sustainable and delicious salmon, and other seafood and healthy goodies – by mail order.