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Front cover of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings (New Harbinger, June 2, 2011)

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Secret Foods That Reduce Anxiety by Chelsea on Breezy Mama. Trudy shared about coffee (!), gluten, GABA and muc more. October 2012.

Read the whole article here.

Let There be Light Therapy by Jennifer Nelson on Mother Nature Network. Trudy contributed information about full-spectrum lights for anxiety and depression. Nov 2012

Read the whole article here.

9 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Without Medication by Clarissa Burt on Huffington Post. Trudy shared the powerful food mood connection and great foods to add and to remove for overcoming anxiety. Sept 2012.

Read the whole article here.

World Celebrates Julia Child's 100th Birthday: Stories of Inspiration by Tracy Petrucci on care2.com. Trudy talked about real food and the health benefits of butter. August 2012.

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Can Social Anxiety Be Caused by a Nutritional Deficiency? by EmpowHER writer Rheyanne Weaver on GoodTherapy.org blog. Trudy shared the benefits of zinc and vitamin B6 for a type of social anxiety called pyroluria. Aug 2012.

Read the whole article here.

Nine Ways to Stop the Worry Wheels by Cathy Cassinos-Carr in Sacramento Magazine. Trudy contributed facts about the antianxiety diet. June 2012.

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Getting in Touch With Nature Boosts Your Mental Health by Rheyanne Weaver on EmpowHER. June 2012.

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Calm Your Anxiety With Good Food by Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski Book review of The Antianxiety Food Solution on the Therapy Soup blog on Psychcentral.com. June 2012.

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Eat to be Happy  Kat Tancock interviewed Trudy for her article in Chatelaine Magazine. Trudy's book The Antianxiety Food Solution was quoted in it, too. July 2012.

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Trouble Trying to Conceive? This may be why. Chai Woodham interviewed Trudy for his article in US News and World Report, Health. June 2012.

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The Truth About Gluten. Christina Ianzito interviewed Trudy for her article in AARP Magazine. February/March 2012.

Download the article here (307 KB pdf)

9 Foods That Boost Your Mood Anna Davies interviewed Trudy for her article in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Trudy's book The Antianxiety Food Solution was quoted in it, too. October 2011

Download the article here (2.6 MB pdf)

Foods for Your Moods: Depression, Anxiety, Irritability and Anger Annalee Penny interviewed Trudy on Fox40 Live| KTXL Sacramento www.fox40.com, September 2011

Watch here http://www.fox40.com/videobeta/1704e374-b7c5-4fdc-890d-80972644f987/News/Foods-For-Your-Mood-Nutritionist-Trudy-Scott

Watch and read here http://www.everywomanover29.com/blog/foods-for-your-moods-fox-40-anxiety

jeff callison trudy scott insight

Food and Depression interview with Jeffrey Callison On Insight (NPR/Capitol Public radio), August 2011. (Interview starts 15 minutes after the hour)


Or just listen to Trudy's segment by using the audio player below:

mira dessy antianxiety food solution review

Antianxiety Food Solution book review
By Mira Dessy, Certified Nutrition Educator and holistic health columnist
Featured in Nourishing Bytes, the ezine produced by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (www.nanp.org),  June 2011.


Western Diet Associated with Depression
By Winston Chung, Child Psychiatrist.
Published in SFGate, home of the San Francisco Chronicle, February 2011


Food and Mood
Marianne interviewed Trudy on a morning segment on Good Day Sacramento
November 2010



Sweet Misery: Seven Spoonfuls of Wisdom About Sugar
By Cathy Cassinos-Carr
As featured in the Sacramento Magazine, August 2010


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