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If you’ve been searching for an expert in the field of nutrition and anxiety, rest assured, you’ve found her!  Trudy Scott is one of Sacramento’s most valuable “Food for Mood” resources.  Formerly a team member in Julia Ross’ renowned Recovery Systems in Mill Valley, CA, Trudy has brought her expertise back to our area.  Trudy naturally combines her thoughtful and compassionate counseling skills with sharp intelligence and professionalism.  Her style of presenting sensitive information is extremely articulate and informative.  Trudy is the perfect referral source for my nutrition clients with serious anxiety and mood issues.

Lisa Bryant, M.A., SLP, ABP, NE – Holistic Nutritionist  


With these 28 days coming to a close, I'm taking time to reflect on the many ways that I'm benefitting from participating in your 28-day detox program. I'd like to share these as an expression of gratitude.

I'm eating more nutritiously and balanced - with a focus on what a food will do for my body and how it will make me feel before deciding whether or not to eat it. I'm learning new recipes to nourish myself and my family. I'm incorporating more organic produce into my food preparation for myself and my family. I even joined a CSA this month.

I went from having constant food cravings for about 8 hrs out of each day to seldom having food cravings. During the detox I had a menstrual cycle with NO HEADACHE for nearly the first time in my entire adult life. The last time my skin was this smooth and blemish free was when I was 9 or 10 years old.

Before the detox I had been experiencing heartburn and/or indigestion with increasing frequency and discomfort, but I have not been experiencing heartburn while on the detox and my indigestion has also improved dramatically.

Before the detox I was having to apply deoderant in the morning then often again mid day. Now I have no need for deoderant. I have hardly any body odor anymore. And just a sprinkle of baking soda under my arms is enough - no matter what activity I'm doing - including a couple hours of hot yoga!

My overall mood is more positive. I have more energy in general. And even when I feel fatigued I have more motivation to get up and do the things that need to be done. I'm getting more exercise and feeling more motivated to do so. I've started practicing yoga again - which I hadn't done for about 5 years.

I don't know which specific elements of the detox have brought about each of these changes. Or maybe they've all come from the detox elements in combination - i.e. elimination of certain foods plus use of the detox supplements, epsom salt baths, dry brushing, hot yoga, alkaline broth etc.

I would definitely like to get guidance from you, Trudy, about how best to continue these positive changes in my life once the detox is done - and also bring about other changes. This process has been very enjoyable. And I feel it has been a worthwhile investment for my health and the health of my family. Many many thanks.

Kim Loutzenhiser, client in California


When my energy level started to go down and my anxiety level kept going up for no apparent reason I started to look for ways to change that. I could not understand why since I knew I was eating pretty well and exercising regularly. This is when I attended a workshop on “5 Main Reasons for Anxiety and 3 Simple Dietary Changes” by Trudy Scott. Trudy was talking about neurotransmitters and amino acids which I had never heard of before. During my first visit in her office she introduced me to amino acids and recommended a particular test (Adrenal Stress Index). I started feeling the benefit of the amino acids right away – less anxiety and more energy. When the results from the test came back it was very obvious that I needed extra supplements. I always thought that if you eat well you don’t need anything else but I realized that sometimes food is just not enough! And the right type of supplements can really help you get back to where you want to be! The only dietary change I made was to stop coffee. I did not believe at first that it would make any difference since I only had 1 cup a day! But it did. And everytime I doubt it and have one coffee again I feel the difference! Now, with all these changes I have zero anxiety, a high energy level and I sleep very well.

Sylvie, client in California


Trudy became my nutritionist in 2004 when I turned to her for help with weight loss.  Although I had been reading up on nutrition and trying to make changes on my own, I didn’t see the results I wanted until I began working with Trudy – with her guidance I lost all of the weight I wanted.  She did a great job in educating me about food choices, gave me some great ideas about meal planning, and provided me with some terrific recipes.  Most importantly Trudy was able to advise me on the holistic approach to some of my difficult hormonal health challenges.  Her approach has become the cornerstone of my health maintenance program.  In fact, Trudy was such an inspiration to me that I decided to pursue an education in holistic nutrition myself.  Trudy continues to inspire me as she tirelessly pursues new educational and growth opportunities.  Although I practice nutrition myself, I still refer challenging cases to Trudy.  She is thorough, careful and if you follow her recommendations, you WILL get the results you seek. 

Nicole Hodson, NE
Director of Membership & Credentialing, National Association of Nutrition Professionals


Thank you for your wonderful talk at the NANP Conference: “Depression and Anxiety: Diet, Amino Acids and Other Critical Nutrients”. Your presentation was one of the highlights of the weekend.  You were calm and clear and your information was detailed and organized.  I really liked the case studies and references you used. I felt so proud of our nutrition community. You are a shining star! Thank you for your excellence!

Anasuya Basil Batliner, NC, Dipl. ABT, CSTHolistic Nutrition Consultant, CranioSacral and Acupressure Therapist
My Body Wisdom


I was awed by your enthusiasm and willingness to jump in at the last minute to save the day at our Women and Heart Health event and present on "Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart". Your talk and visuals were totally on target. The conference attendees were totally engaged, and in fact we had record attendance at the 1st workshop.  My committee fielded high praise all weekend.  Many, many thanks!

Tess Albin-Smith, Legislative Advocacy Committee
Soroptimist International Founder Region


"7 Reasons for Anxiety and 5 Simple Dietary Changes to Leave You feeling Cool, Calm and Collected!" This was a great workshop. It really opened up my eyes to what I can face later on in life if I don’t take care of myself now. The most important thing I learned was what to eat so I can stay stress free. I am not much of a snack person, but this week I feel like it really did help my day-to-day routine because I wasn’t hungry and my body felt energized through the day.

Fabiola, client in California


“Reclaim Your Radiance™,” is opening my eyes to how vital nourishment is for optimal wellness. Robin and Trudy share a tremendous quantity and quality of information. The notes I took during “Eating for Radiance” filled 10 pages! I’ve already learned much through the course, including the benefits of eating healthy proteins and fats plus a majority of veggies at mealtime. I have since made these simple changes to my diet, and I’m feeling the benefits. I have more energy and fewer cravings; plus I’ve lost some weight, and I just feel better! Through “Eating for Radiance” I acquired a better understanding of digestion and elimination, and I learned simple steps to improve those for my body. I’ve also discovered how easy it is to incorporate the 5 super-foods that Trudy and Robin discussed. I was inspired to buy some cabbage and ferment a batch of sauerkraut, which I have been enjoying each day. I eagerly await the next course in the series.

Kim Loutzenhiser, client in California


The best thing about your Detox program was you. Your knowledge is deep and your teaching method is kind. So often, people with your level of expertise are judgmental and dictatorial. I appreciated your world view which recognizes exercise, sleep, medications, and other environmental toxins as co-equal with food consumption for achieving optimal health. Many thanks for your support and guidance.

Theodora Wilner, MA, RYT, Wellness Advisor & Writer, California

Trudy Scott is an expert on the relationship of food and mood, an often neglected area in the health of persons with mental illness. I attended her lecture, “The Antianxiety Food Solution: Eat Real Food to Accelerate Recovery” at the Micronutrients for Mental Health conference in Truckee, CA in May 2010. She was an engaging and passionate speaker and her lecture was informative and provided practical information which I believe to be important adjunct in the treatment of serious mental illness.

Katherine Falk, MD – private practice New York City, certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

I heard Trudy Scott, CN present at the Holistic Treatment: Changing the Way We Look at Recovery conference April 2010 in Las Vegas.  Her topic was Eat Real Food to Accelerate Addiction Recovery and Mood Stabilization”. I was impressed by her smooth presentation, organized message, intelligent and catchy graphics supporting her speech, and her overall professionalism. She offered attendees a cogent presentation that they will remember and be able to apply to their daily work after the conference

Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac.
Executive Director, Community Addiction Recovery Association www.carasac.org
Director, Alliance for Addiction Solutions www.allianceforaddictionsolutions.org


I especially appreciate the information in your presentation "Food and Mood: 9 Steps to Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Mood and End Cravings" at the National Association of Nutrition Professionals 2011 conference. Your evidenced base approach to treating anxiety with nutrition is inspiring, and I am eager to share some of your ideas with my current clients.  I wish you the greatest success as you share this type of information.

Sandra G. Carey, Psy.D., M.S.
Psychotherapist & Nutrition and Health Educator

I had the pleasure of hosting Trudy on a teleseminar for client families at my clinic:  5 Amazingly Simple Steps to Calm your Anxious Mind and Reduce Stress, Using Food and Lifestyle Changes”. In the work I do with parents of children with autism, the issue of mental and physical health comes up often.  Trudy was a wonderful source of information and guidance for these families.  Her warm presence, understandable information, and specific strategies were very well received.  I greatly appreciate having Trudy to call on as a resource for myself and my clients, and look forward to continued opportunities for collaboration.
The information that Trudy has to share is also critical for women business owners.  Even those of us who don’t struggle with chronic anxiety or mood problems experience times when we need to increase calm focused energy. I find Trudy’s information to be very practical and easy to incorporate into daily life. 

Nicole Beurkens, PhD
Horizons Developmental Remediation Center
Caledonia, MI


Earlier this year, I attended a meeting at PCAR, a local Real Estate Group.  The speaker that morning was Trudy Scott. The information that Trudy delivered and the style in which she delivered it set her apart from most of the speakers we often encounter. It was refreshing to hear this information, as so many of us struggle with maintaining a balanced life.  I was so impressed by her presentation, Food and Mood: 3 Amazingly Simple Steps to Calm your Anxious Mind and Reduce Stress”, that I immediately invited her to be one of our featured speakers at our company wide event in Lake Tahoe this September.

Kris Vogt
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage President, Sacramento/Tahoe Region