End emotional eating – no willpower required!

April 13, 2013


I’m excited to be participating in the Emotional Eating Loving Food Loving Life telesummit being hosted by Aimee Serafini, a women’s empowerment coach and an energy psychology practitioner specializing in helping people transform their personal relationships with themselves and others.

Because we are all so different, the message can be many different things. The 12 experts are going to speak about emotional eating from many different angles including:

  • Which emotions are the biggest culprits
  • Why diets make it even worse
  • How Overwhelm and Overload contribute
  • How brain chemistry and hormones play a part
  • Why forgiving others who have wronged us can help
  • How our body image is a catch 22 with eating
  • A simple tool to release cravings right in the moment
  • How intimacy or lack of can affect our eating habits

Emotional eating isn’t one size fits all, so take advantage of this variety of experts to help you figure out what approach(es) are best for you.

I’ll be sharing “5 Easy Ways To Banish Emotional Eating and Balance Your Brain Chemistry – No Willpower Required!” and you won’t feel deprived! Really!

I’m going to be sharing how eating real whole food and using some pretty amazing nutrients can balance brain chemistry and end emotional eating, with zero willpower required and no feelings of being deprived!

There are some pretty amazing nutrients that can balance brain chemistry and end emotional eating and I will be talking about the amazing nutrient DPA (d-phenylalanine) or Endorphigen. It is SO effective if you’re low in endorphins! Just watch Angie’s reaction when she sampled some….she actually called it a miracle!

Join me and 12 other experts for a teleseries each evening at 5pm PST.   It starts Monday April 15 and runs through Friday April 26 

[7/8/13: this event has concluded - please sign up for my online newsletter here to be notified of the next Amazing Amino Acids for Emotional Eating workshop]



Trudy Scott (CN), Certified Nutritionist is the founder of www.everywomanover29.com, a thriving nutrition practice with a focus on food, mood and women’s health. Trudy educates women about the amazing healing powers of food and nutrients and helps them find natural solutions for anxiety and other mood problems. Trudy’s goal for all her clients (and all women): “You can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on-top-of-the-world emotionally!”

11 Responses to “End emotional eating – no willpower required!”

  1. It is amazing how much emotional eating makes us feel like a failure. Because we try to use willpower and diets to control it, and that DOES NOT WORK. I love Trudy’s input because she proves there are a number of other tools available to you that have worked permanently for many! Thanks Trudy for being an expert in this series and empowering women around the world!


    PS. Hope to receive my DPA soon as Trudy has me figured out!

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Thanks for inviting me to participate in this much-needed series and sharing some of my very successful approaches with those who need help in this area.
    I’m so looking forward to hearing if DPA works for you and if you end up loving it like so many of my clients do. You’ll know right away (within 5 minutes)…you’ll feel like someone gave you a big hug and you won’t need that pizza (or chocolate or cookie or whatever) to comfort you!
    I also look forward to hearing from all the other experts, as we are all so unique and can often do with help from multiple angles.

  2. This is going to be an AWESOME event. So many people can benefit from catching when they are eating due to non-hunger.

  3. Great response in the video – awesome testimonial.
    I really resonate with the topic of how Overwhelm and Overload contribute – I see this in my own life and many many many of my clients – keep doing your important work Trudy

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Yes, great response and great testimonial, thanks Heidi. She was so impressed and really wanted to share her great results!
    And yes, overwhelm and overload is such a big factor these days…

  4. Trudy,
    Are you going to be speaking about “chocolate”?

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Absolutely! would not want to leave it out! it has some good health benefits (the dark organic kind only!) but also some things to watch for, like devouring the whole bar and the caffeine causing headaches and anxiety

  5. Keep sending the message Trudy! I continue to be amazed when I look at what I am craving not from a hunger perspective, but from what might my body be missing that the craving is trying to alleviate. Food has such a huge impact! And getting the right supplements makes a real, immediate difference.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    Pretty amazing isn’t it Terry? I am so pleased you have experienced the benefits first hand!

  6. This is such an amazing event to address that the various components of emotional eating. It’s so true that one size doesn’t fit all and that it’s simply not an issue of “willpower”.

    everywomanover29 Reply:

    It really has been a fabulous series with so many aspects being covered. Depending where you are, one thing may resonate more for you at that time.

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